Backpack Meals for Kids!

img_20161019_113022Did you know every weekend children leave school and go home knowing that they will be hungry? Even in affluent areas, this is a large problem.  One of the attorneys at Premier Law Group just learned that around 20 kids in the elementary school his children go to are homeless and have very little hope of having any food over the weekend.  This is because the government provides no cost breakfast and lunch to these children, but they are on their own for dinner, and on the weekends, they have nothing.

 At Premier Law Group, we think no kid should go hungry when not in school, so we decided to create our “Backpack Meal Program”.

 What is the Premier Law Group  Backpack Meal Program:

Studies show that eating complete meals everyday is important for a child to have energy throughout the day and to help him/her fulfill the promise of education.
This why Premier Law Group decided to provide a bag stuffed with child-friendly food to students in need, that they can take home and eat when school meal programs are unavailable.
The Premier Law Group Backpack Meal Program was made with the cooperation of a local elementary school, which we are not naming for privacy reasons.

 All the Premier Law Group staff was really excited to prepare 20 backpacks for these needy kids. We went to Costco and bought anything we thought would be quick and easy for a child to prepare on their own.  The PLG Staff then got together for a packing session where we broke out the items into individual bags for each hungry kid to take home for the weekend.  This is our first time doing this, but we hope to continue it into the foreseeable future.  Helping takes us a short amount of time, but, we believe at the end, the impact for our community will be enormous.  Let us know if you’d like to get involved!