Bad Faith Insurance Claims: How a Lawyer can Help

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When you are injured, you expect your insurance company to cover the costs according to your insurance policy terms. However, there are situations when the insurance company does not uphold their end of the contract. When this happens, your insurance company is acting in bad faith and you may require the help of an experienced insurance claim lawyer. Learn the six different ways your insurance company may be acting in bad faith and how insurance claim lawyers can help you.

If you feel as though your insurance company is acting in bad faith, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. For even more information about bad faith insurance claims, FBIC, a consumer advocacy group, has an extensive list of bad faith practices. Their website is [].

Six Indicators of Bad Faith Insurance Claims Settlement Practices

• Failure to investigate your insurance claim

• Refusal to settle your insurance claim

• Unreasonable translation of your insurance policy

• Failure to reimburse you according to your policy limits

• Delaying your payment

• Unreasonable denial of your claim

These practices may not only be unfair, but are against the law. The civil court system provides protection against the insurance companies failing to honor their policies.

There are several standards used to describe the requirements to establish bad faith insurance claims practices. In a majority of states bad faith involves a combination of negligence, whether the insurance company acted unreasonably, and intentional misconduct, acting in a knowingly unreasonable way.

If you have made a claim with your insurance company and believe that they are acting in bad faith, you may require the assistance of an insurance claim lawyer. A skilled insurance claim lawyer who specializes in bad faith insurance claims can help you. These lawyers know how to handle the insurance companies and are not afraid to take them on.

Hiring an experienced insurance claim lawyer can help you with your bad faith insurance claim. If your insurance company has shown signs of acting in bad faith with your insurance claim, and you’d like a free case strategy review, please contact me.

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