Secrets to Dealing with Geico Insurance for your Car Accident Claims in Seattle

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Secrets to Dealing with Geico Insurance for your Car Accident Claims in Seattle


Believe it or not, there are Secrets to Dealing with Geico Insurance for your Car Accident Claims in Seattle. If you have been injured in an accident and either you or the other driver has Geico, you need to know how to deal with a Geico claims adjuster. If Geico is not getting you the service or the coverages that you paid for then give us a call. There are several common mistakes that can be made when dealing with Geico accident claims.

Secrets to Dealing with Geico Insurance AdjustersGeico is one of the most popular auto insurance companies in the United States and is also the second-largest. They insure more than 15 million drivers. Because of this, they have a reputation for paying out the minimum settlements to their insured.



Don’t Accept Geico’s First Offer

Every insurance agency wants you to accept the first offer they give you. This offer is often the lowest possible settlement they can offer. When you accept the first offer Geico gives you, you may regret it later. You will not have another chance at another offer after you accept a settlement. Often you won’t know the extent of your injuries until after you have completely healed. Once you are recovered, you will finally know the ramifications of your injuries. By accepting an offer you are waiving your rights to further claims on this case. Geico adjusters will try to convince you that the offer is the best solution for you. Always call the Premier law group of Bellevue before you accept an offer.

What your claim is worth

Because Geico is interested in paying the minimum settlement, most accident victims assume that their claim is worth less than it actually is. There are many factors that go into an actual settlement number not just adding up your bills and using that number

  • Current and Future Medical Bills

When you are injured in an accident you will likely have medical bills not only current medical bills for immediately after your injury but you will also have medical bills for future treatments such as chiropractor visits. If you have any sort of chronic pain, all of those things will be ongoing for however many years you’re affected. 

  • Compensation for Lost Wages

Many of our clients are unable to work for weeks and sometimes even years after their accident. If you find yourself in this same situation, you are eligible to seek compensation for your lost wages. 

  • Miscellaneous Expenses Geico Could Include in Your Settlement

Don’t go on the Record with a Geico Claims AdjusterSometimes other miscellaneous expenses can come into play. An example of this could be if you need extra child care help to watch your children because of your injury. If you are unable to clean your home and you need to hire help to do that this can also be a miscellaneous cost. 

  • Geico hates Non-Monetary Compensation

The final type of compensation you may be eligible for would-be non-economic. Geico does not like paying non-monetary compensation.

Don’t Say Too Much to Geico Adjusters

It is important to be careful about what you’re talking about with insurance adjusters from Geico. Often, soon after the accident, the other driver’s insurance will call you and ask you for your information. Be sure to stick with only the facts. For example, just your name and identifying information as well as a good time to reach you. They will try to convince you to discuss details of the accident, your medical treatment and diagnosis, medical expenses, missed time from work, and how your injuries might affect your life. Avoid discussing these items in detail with a Geico claims adjuster.

Don’t go on the Record with a Geico Claims Adjuster

It is always a best practice to speak with an attorney before an insurance adjuster. Premier Law Group will speak to you about your case for free before you talk with an adjuster. Never allow an insurance adjuster to record your statement. You can incriminate yourself and anything you say could be picked apart and lower your chances of the settlement you deserve. Geico adjusters often use recorded phone calls to coerce you into settling a claim right away.

Secrets to Dealing with Geico Insurance Adjusters


If Geico is the insurance company of the person who injured you in an auto accident, follow these instructions carefully. Your health, livelihood, and future depend on getting the compensation you deserve that will cover your injuries long-term. There is no better way to begin negotiations with a Geico insurance adjuster than with an expert personal injury attorney from Premier Law Group of Bellevue. We have you speak directly to an attorney the first time you call. That attorney will determine if you have a case or not and then we will set up a free consultation to evaluate your case.

Please call Premier Law Group of Bellevue at 206-880-7416 to speak directly to a personal injury attorney and get started with the compensation you deserve today.

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