From Accident to Recovery: A Mother’s Resilience and a $175,000 Award

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Just six months prior to the accident, Amber was learning to be a new mom to her first child and how to be a good wife during her first year of marriage.  Her daughter was six months old at the time of the accident and Amber lived with her family in Sammamish, WA.  At the time of the accident, Amber was working as an Independent Insurance Agent at Roadway Agency.  

However, on April 10, 2019, at around 3:30pm, Amber would learn a new way to take care of her newborn daughter and learn to rely on the help of others.  Amber was traveling southbound on E. Lake Sammamish Pkwy. NE in Sammamish, WA.  As she was driving, Amber observed that one of the cars in front of her, which was being driven by “Driver X”, was slowing down to turn left.  However, the car in front of Amber’s car, which was being driven by “Driver Z”, was unable to stop and rearended “Driver X’s” vehicle.  Amber came to a stop behind “Driver Z’s” vehicle when Amber client was rearended from behind by Defendant F., forcing Amber’s vehicle into the back of “Driver Z’s” vehicle.  Ultimately, this was a four-car accident.

Immediately following the accident, Amber presented to Urgent Care at Overlake Medical Center complaining of headaches, and pain in her back, left shoulder, elbow, right wrist, and left ankle.  Ultimately, her left arm was placed in a shoulder sling.  Within a matter of weeks, Amber was seeking assistance from a specialist due to her ongoing neck pain that radiated into her left shoulder with numbness, tingling, and weakness.  While Amber had attempted conservative care, including physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, acupuncture, and steroid injections she found limited relief in her left shoulder.  Amber underwent Left Rotator Cuff surgery and returned to physical therapy to rebuild her strength following the surgery.  

While navigating health care treatments and medical appointments, Amber was unable to enjoy all the special moments and bonding with her newborn.  The injuries Amber sustained robbed her of those crucial moments that every first-time mom looks forward to.  During her recovery time, Amber reflected on her life prior to the motor vehicle accident which included various outings to different places including the zoo, long walks, and spending time as a family.  

When Amber was finally able to care for her daughter independently, the beginning walking and talking phase of her life was gone.  Amber’s shoulder injury prevented her from spending time cuddling with her or carrying her around in those first crucial months.  Amber was not even able to carry her in a pack or baby wrap like many moms are able to.  Unfortunately, due to her injuries, Amber’s shoulder could not handle the weight, and someone else had to engage in that action instead of Amber.  Amber also experienced anxiety as she was unable to keep her daughter out of danger because she was unable to pick her up in the event something happened, and she needed to be carried.  When Amber had healed from the shoulder injury; her daughter was walking, running, and very independently mobile which resulted in her not wanting to be carried or snuggled. 

Amber successfully recovered from surgery and physical therapy approximately 2 years following the accident.  Amber recently became a mother of three in June of 2023 and relocated to Idaho in September of 2021.  Amber’s case went to mediation in advance of trial and ultimately settled for $175,000.00.

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