$4,500,000 Semi-Truck Accident In Seattle

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At Premier Law Group, it has been our honor to help John F. receive over $4,500,000 after his semi-truck accident in Seattle. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and John is one of the best. His accident, however, was also one of the worst we’ve seen. John is lucky to be alive after his semi-truck accident. Handling all the headache and hassle that the insurance adjusters threw at him would have been a nightmare without an experienced auto accident attorney. Good thing John called the team at Premier Law Group!

Semi-Truck Accident In Seattle

Semi-truck accidentBeing hit by a semi-truck is one of the worst things people can imagine happening to them or a loved one. While cruising along I-5 in Seattle, John and his wife were on a vacation from their home in Alaska. Typical of Seattle, there was intermittent traffic causing people to brake frequently. A sudden stop in front of John wasn’t an issue for his smaller car to stop in time. The semi-truck driver behind him however didn’t see the stop quick enough, and with his heavier vehicle, couldn’t stop in time.

The semi-truck smashed into the back of John’s car, sandwiching him into the car in front of theirs. Semi-truck accidents like this are the stuff of nightmares and are often times fatal. John and his wife were rushed to the hospital and immediately taken into emergency care. Fortunately they both survived, and are alive and well today. Johns’ injuries however have forever altered the rest of his life.

Serious Injuries Forever Changed John’s Life

semi truck accidentExcited to start the next adventure of his life, John was in his mid 60’s and recently retired. Ready to start his “golden years” with his lovely wife by taking a trip to Seattle, he never saw this coming. Before the auto accident, John and his wife loved going on hikes and adventures in the outdoors. Living up in Alaska, the beautiful wilderness around them was something they both enjoyed together their whole lives.

Following his semi-truck accident, John suffered serious loss of mobility in his legs. With multiple fractures in his legs and hip, he had to get treatments for almost three years. This was a major life altering event for him, with every aspect of his life before and after being changed. In fact, John never fully recovered from his injuries, preventing him from enjoying the beautiful wilderness of Alaska like him and his wife used to. Once an avid hunter, he had to give that up for the rest of his life as well.

If it weren’t for Premier Law Group’s expert team of attorneys, John would never have been able to cope with all this and recover from his injuries, all the while battling the exhaustive tactics the insurance companies use to diminish the value of someone’s case. “I’m glad we could fight this battle for him,” said Jason Epstein, one of the attorneys who worked closely with John. “Nobody should have to handle a serious accident like this and deal with the complicated legal battle that follows”.

Knowing The Law Makes All The Difference

semi truck accidentIn the case with John’s semi-truck accident, knowing how the law works made all the difference. Insurance companies employ time tested tactics that they use to pay someone as little as possible for the hardships that they’ve had to go through, and often continue to deal with their entire life. With so much damage and hindrance to John’s life, there were a lot of things to consider. Especially when working to make him whole following the accident.

John didn’t have to worry though, because Premier Law Group’s professional and experienced attorneys had his back. To the dismay of the insurance company, Premier Law Group knows the tricks they use.  We explored all the different types of coverages that were available from both at-fault parties, and his own coverage, to maximize what we could recover to help John with his new way of life. The insurance adjusters never stood a chance.

Premier Law Group Will Fight For You Too

Our team handled every aspect of John’s semi-truck accident case so he could manage his life. We worked closely with him and his wife, walking them through every step of the process from start to finish. We took the fight to the insurance companies and won the battle on John and his wife’s behalf. All they needed to focus on was getting better.

If you or someone you love have been injured in a serious accident, call Premier Law Group! Our expert staff and attorneys are dedicated to helping good people just like you who have been wrongfully put in a tough spot. For a FREE consultation, call 206-285-1743!


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