Disability Discrimination Lawyers representing Seattle and Washington State

What is disability discrimination?

Disability harassment is a form of discrimination and it is prohibited by Washington state and federal law. It is defined as verbal or physical conduct that is directed at an individual, or individual’s spouse that is persistent and severe enough to create what is termed a “hostile work environment.” Disability harassment can be from a coworker or supervisor, or even a student or client.

Disability discrimination can occur in the workplace, at school, access to buildings and housing, and public transportation. Many of the rights of the disabled are protected in the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990.

Disability harassment is illegal. Disability discrimination as defined by law is conduct that is directed at an individual because of his or her disability (mental or physical). To qualify as disability harassment, the individual must be subject to different treatment by agents or employees without legitimate non-discriminatory reason.

If you are a victim of disability harassment in Vancouver or Seattle, there are several options for you. First of all, talk to an experienced employment attorney. You may be a victim of disability discrimination without being aware that the treatment you are receiving is against the law. Additionally, a Seattle employment attorney can help you document and prove that you are being discriminated against.

Don’t be a victim of your employer!

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