Community Transit Bus Accident Attorneys

Every day, more than 200 Community Transit buses carry passengers in the Seattle area. They also serve more than 50 routes and 2,100 stops as well. However, these buses do sometimes get into accidents.  Community transit bus accidents may collide with motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.  They can also result in severe injuries or wrongful death.

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What Causes Community Transit Bus Accidents?

These bus drivers go through intensive training.  They also go through safety programs. However, driver errors and poor vehicle maintenance still cause accidents.

Driver Error

Additionally, drivers tire out from long shifts. Drunk drivers also cause accidents. Drivers need to keep buses on time too. Even through heavy traffic as well.  This can lead to hasty decisions. This also causes collisions. In fact, buses often rear-end other vehicles.

Mechanical Problems & Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Also, without proper maintenance, there are mechanical issues. Companies perform surveys when these issues happen. These surveys review safety records and maintenance history. They often highlight safety violations.

Community Transit Subcontracting

community transit bus accidents lawyers in SeattleThis public transportation system services 53 routes in the area.  These routes are in Snohomish County.  They are also in downtown Seattle. There are routes at the University of Washington as well. Each city within the county is part of the service area.  However, Everett is not.  Also, other regional transportation providers subcontract their services.

The bus system can be efficient and cheap. However, there is a trade off. On public buses you rely on public servants for your safety.

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The Value of a Community Transit Bus Claim

There are a number of claims for damages you might be eligible for. Those damages include:

  • A first-party claim. Victims with personal injury protection may file a claim. This will also be through their insurance company. This will cover immediate expenses related to the accident.
  • A third-party claim. Victims file this kind of claim against the party responsible for the crash. This may include the bus company. It can also include the overseeing government agency as well. However, these claims go through the personal injury legal process.
  • Wrongful death claim. A wrongful death can occur after Community Transit bus accidents as well. Surviving family members are eligible for a wrongful death claim.

How a Community Transit Bus Accident Attorney Can Help

Community Transit bus accident attorneys handle the tough legal stuff. At Premier Law Group, we’ll let you focus on recovery also.  Our attorneys can help:

  • Get you proper medical care
  • Explain the legal process
  • Investigate the accident
  • Document your injuries
  • Fight for full and fair compensation

What Are Some Common Injuries?

Bellevue Renton Federal Way Seattle personal injury attorneysBuses are larger and heavier than other vehicles. They can also cause more damage to vehicles and the people in and around them.

Community Transit bus accidents can result in many injuries also. Some of the most common include:

At Premier Law Group, we hope to get you full and fair compensation. Also, with the help of an experienced lawyer you can hold the responsible party accountable.

Don’t Wait to Hire an Attorney

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Speak With Our Experienced Attorneys

Experienced Federal Way Renton Bellevue Seattle personal injury lawyersGetting help after a Community Transit bus accident doesn’t have to be difficult. The attorneys at Premier Law Group will fight for the compensation you deserve. We also want everyone who contacts us to become more informed about their legal options. We’ll let you focus on healing from your accident as well.

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