Family Leave Act (FLA) and FLMA Lawyers in Seattle

The Family Leave Act (FLA) was passed in 2006 and is enforced by the Department of Labor & Industries.

The Washington State Family Leave Act was passed to ensure that eligible employees are able to take time off of work to welcome a new member of their family, recover from a serious illness or take care of a loved one who is ill. Below you will find an outline and explanation of the laws along with links to information on Washington State’s FLA.

In Washington State the FLA expands upon the FMLA by offering:

Additional leave benefits for women who are pregnant

Leave for registered domestic partners

Family Leave that remains after the federal FMLA has been exhausted for an exigent deployment reason or as a military caregiver

Pregnancy disability that can exceed 8 weeks when a woman’s healthcare provider recommends additional leave

Leave for a period of time before childbirth

The Washington State Human Rights Commission has its own rules on pregnancy and childbirth disability. These rules expand upon the federal FMLA and entitle a woman to be on pregnancy or disability leave until she is released by her health care provider. The mission of the Washington State Human Rights Commission is to, “eliminate and prevent discrimination through fair application of the law, the efficient use of resources, and the establishment of productive partnerships in the community.”

Additional leave protected by Washington State law includes:

Leave for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking

Leave for spouses of deployed military personnel

Volunteer firefighter leave

How can PLG help with your case?

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