Imagine this: You’re pedaling along your scenic standard route to work. It’s a beautiful day to ride your bicycle and you’re using all the proper bicyclist road signals. All of a sudden, despite cruising in the proper lane… *BAM*! When you gain consciousness you find yourself in discomfort on the ground after feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck. Unfortunately, this is not just a bad metaphor. At first you’re not sure what happened, and then you realize you’ve been in an accident due to the negligence of another driver. Now you’re wondering: Do you need a bicycle accident lawyer in Washington? 

First, we want you to know we’re sorry you’ve been in an accident and have to deal with the consequences. The burden of situations like yours can be all-encompassing – physical, mental, psychological, emotional, and financial. It’s especially difficult when you have done nothing wrong and must face these burdens due to another’s negligence. Any bicycle accident lawyer in Washington (especially those of us at Premier Law Group) should understand your frustrations. 

We want to help you come back from your accident as best and quickly as you can. This is precisely why this page will provide you useful information on your situation. Here you’ll learn about the value of your bicycle accident claim, how to protect your claim’s value, and what to look for in a bicycle accident lawyer in Washington if you decide to hire an attorney. 

How to Know if You Have A Claim Before Hiring a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Washington 

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In the state of Washington, bicyclists have all the same rights as any other operator of a motor vehicle riding along the same route. While this does mean the bicyclist must yield to pedestrians and stop at occupied crosswalks, it also means they are entitled to the same safety and protection on a roadway as any other vehicle or mode of transportation. 

While we won’t get into all the details of the bicyclist laws in Washington, which can also be viewed in detail on the Washington Bikes site which gives the specific laws, we will give the CliffsNotes and share that the majority of the safety of bicyclists is the responsibility of the operators of motor vehicles. In the event an operator of a motor vehicle is the cause of accident or injury to a bicyclist, said driver may be found to have been negligent. A bicyclist is entitled to a minimum standard of safety while riding their bicycle legally. The party negligent and responsible for the injury or harm done to the bicyclist shall also be responsible for compensating for those damages. The question is, to what extent? 

The Value Of Your Bicycle Accident Claim 

One of the questions you may be asking yourself or others around you right now is, “What is your bicycle accident case worth in the state of Washington?” Generally speaking, there are two types of damages you can recover: special and general. 

Special damages typically are things with an easily calculated dollar figure, which could include medical bills, lost wages, and prescription costs. General damages tend to be a little more complicated to calculate the dollar figures. These could include pain, suffering, disability, and loss of enjoyment of life. 

In the event your case goes to court, a jury will decide your compensation in special and general damages. At the end of the trial, the jury will require the at-fault party to pay for the total damages. In short, the value of your case depends on several variables. These variables include what a specific jury will decide, on a specific day, with your specific case. This can be quite unnerving. Ensuring you have a solid claim with pristine case details is the best way to guarantee fair compensation. 

However, the jury is only one factor in determining the value of your case. Another key point playing an essential role in convincing a jury to award compensation at the top of your claim’s value range is an excellent bicycle accident lawyer in Washington. 

Protect the Value of Your Claim 

In effort to protect the value of your bicycle accident claim, collect as much of this data as possible. Unfortunately, if you were the victim in the bicycle accident, you may be unable to gather much. Reach out to a trusted friend or loved one, and ask if they would assist you in gathering this information. 

Information to collect for your bicycle accident lawyer in Washington: 

  • Other party information:  Names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information are absolutely necessary.  teen driving checklist
  • Witness information: If anyone nearby witnessed the accident, whether completely or partially, it may be helpful to collect their names, phone numbers, best methods of contact, and a quick statement of their perspective. If they agree to an audio recording, this is preferred to a statement taken and written by you.  
  • Photographs: Take photographs of the vehicles involved and be sure to capture the type of accident, the vehicle involved – whether commercial, personal, motorcycle, semi truck, etc. Also photograph the location of the accident with any street signs or address markers, location on the road, surroundings, or nearby buildings with potential security cameras. If possible, photograph the parties involved and include any apparent injuries, distresses, or impairment, as well as the damage to your bicycle. 
  • Call the proper authorities: Be sure to call 911 immediately if medical attention is required. In the event of a slight accident where medical attention is not required, call the local police to file an official report.  
  • Request surveillance footage: If you do not have the authority to request the footage, suggest the authorities request the footage. This could be from anyone nearby that may have a recording, personal or business.  
  • Maintain an injury log: If any injuries develop at a later time, be sure to keep a detailed log of the injuries, their healing, and photograph the progress.  
  • Request the 911 recording for your own records.  

How soon should you contact a lawyer? 

A very common question asked is, “When should I call a lawyer?” 

There’s no perfect timeline to seek legal counsel. It’s never too early to receive a consultation and potentially hire a lawyer. Not only does hiring legal counsel sooner help increase the chance of a successful claim, it also will aid in protecting and preserving your health, emotional well-being, and financial status.  

Hiring a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Washington – What To Look For 

When searching for a bicycle accident lawyer in Washington, consider the following questions… 

  1. Does this lawyer have specialized experience representing victims of bike accidents? Specialized experience in bicycle accidents means you’re more likely to get a positive case result. Our attorneys are enthusiastic cyclists and have been representing victims of bicycle accidents for many years. 
  1. Does this lawyer have a good reputation in the community? Awards and accolades suggest that a lawyer is recognized by their peers and has reliable qualifications. Our bicycle accident lawyers are recognized by the media and receive awards regularly. Unquestionably, we have a track-record of getting superb case results. 
  1. Is this lawyer accessible and approachable? It’s important to have a good and productive working relationship with your lawyer. At Premier Law Group, we’re each known to be an “approachable” bicycle accident lawyer in Washington. 
  1. Does this lawyer make recommendations or tell you what to do? Your lawyer should serve as a guide and provide the information required for you to make the best decisions. All in all, our clients know that they are in control of their cases. 
  1. Does this lawyer offer a great client experience? By all means, your claim process doesn’t have to be aggravating, challenging, or frustrating. In fact, it shouldn’t be any of those things. At Premier Law Group, we have excellent client satisfaction and we’re proud to be the only accident law firm in the state of Washington to offer a VIP Program. 

What To Expect From a Premier Law Group’s Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Washington 

We believe in offering an exceptional experience from start to finish. To do so, we believe there are a few important key aspects to our interactions. Here’s what to expect from each connection with Premier Law Group: 

  1. We’re accessible. When contacting us about your personal injury matter, you’ll speak directly with an attorney – not just a receptionist or intake specialist. 
  1. We’re straightforward. We love playing board games, but we certainly don’t play games with our clients. We want to help you with your goals. For example, we’ll be upfront about whether you even need an attorney to settle your claim. 
  1. We care. We’re real people who help real people with real problems. You’ve been wronged and you deserve an experience and outcome that makes things as right as possible. 

Our mission is to ensure that everyone who contacts us becomes more informed about their legal options. We provide this whether we represent them or not.  

Call 206.880.7416 For A Free Bicycle Accident Case Review, or complete a web form. 

What People Say About Premier Law Group 

Below is a small sample of our reviews. Our website contains many other reviews for your interest. 

Put Me At Ease 

“I had the privilege of working with Patrick Kang and the Premier Law Group. From the get-go, they were very responsive, honest and put me at ease throughout the process. Patrick always made time when I needed even though he is extremely busy, be it via email, text or phone calls. But he would not leave you waiting. His office were very professional and would help walk you through everything and made you understand all the consequences. Although I hope I would never have to hire him again, I recommend them to all my friends and family should they need a lawyer, without questions.” –Hien Nguyen 

Extraordinarily Unique Experience 

“For over 30 years as a Human Resources professional, I worked in the hospitality field providing customer service to professional colleagues as well as our hotel guests. I worked above and beyond to ensure and exceed others’ expectations. Hence, my own expectations when being serviced was is somewhat critical. Working and partnering with Premier Law Group, due to an unfortunate collision was extraordinarily unique! Their level of communicating was exceptional. From the minute I would email or call, someone would follow through immediately. There was never a time when I felt out of the loop or as if what matter to me was not of importance… Rest assured you will be in “great hands” and will not have regrets. The settlement I received was not expected and the process of mediation was amazing… Thank you, Jonathan, Sunshine, Sarah, Claudia and of course, Jason.” –Laurie C McMillan 

Will Be Contacting Them In The Future 

“Jon had some good advise for me concerning my DV claim even though I didn’t need to hire them. I will be contacting them in the future if the insurance company gives me any problems! I would highly recommend this firm.” –Mike Osaki 

Contact Premier Law Group For A Free Case Review 

The best way we can help you right now is by speaking with you directly, hence why we offer free case reviews. Everyone who contacts our office with a potential case inquiry has the opportunity to speak with a lawyer – not just a receptionist or intake specialist. If we determine you have a case, we’ll speak with you about your case’s value range. Ranges are based on a history of similar cases, and from there we will recommend the best course of action. Call 206.880.7416 to schedule a free bicycle accident case review today. 

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