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Qué hacer inmediatamente después de una lesión cerebral traumática por un accidente de peatón en Washington

| Daño cerebral, Accidentes peatonales

Avoid jeopardizing your personal injury claim

Closed head or traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can impact the skull at the cellular level during a pedestrian accident. The sudden push and pull movement of the brain within the skull can tear and disrupt the structures that support healthy brain function. Like all injuries, brain injuries can range in severity. Unfortunately, because a TBI […]

Lesiones cerebrales traumáticas versus conmociones cerebrales

| Blog, Daño cerebral, Lesión catastrófica, Lesiones personales

By Premier Law Group’s consulting RN Having represented hundreds of personal injury cases in the Seattle area, the attorneys at Premier Law Group have witnessed first-hand the life-long consequences of head injuries including traumatic brain injuries and concussions for victims as well as their family and friends. Below is information to help identify if you […]

Coche causa lesión en la cabeza a un peatón | Abogado de accidentes de peatones en Seattle

| Blog, Daño cerebral, Accidentes automovilísticos, En las noticias, Accidentes peatonales, Lesiones personales

As a Seattle pedestrian accident attorney, I encourage all pedestrians to follow the rules of the road and use crosswalks and designated areas to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Pedestrians also need to be aware of other vehicles on the road and proceed with caution even if you are using the crosswalks […]

Lesiones de la médula espinal

| Daño cerebral

As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I have seen people’s entire world change because of a car accident that results in a spinal cord injury. The range of symptoms for a spinal cord injury is vast, ranging from temporary pain to paralysis. Car accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries, and can cause […]

Lesión cerebral traumática

| Blog, Daño cerebral, Lesión catastrófica

Traumatic brain injury is undoubtedly one of – if not the worst – injury that can result from a car accident. As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I have seen the effect that this injury can have both on the victim and his or her family. While there are different levels of TBI, there is […]