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Licencia de cirujano estético de Washington suspendida tras la muerte de un paciente

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Premier Law Group is reaching out to victims of Dr. Brecht

On September 19th, a popular cosmetic surgeon in King County lost her license to practice medicine due to numerous incidents of negligence. Dr. Kristine Brecht has been practicing medicine since 2004, and she started her own clinic in Burien, Washington treating patients with non-surgical and surgical procedures. Her website menu features many services, including “mommy […]

El distrito escolar local de Brookfield apoya a TADD durante la semana de la promesa de graduación

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Teens Against Distracted DrivingTADD

Brookfield High School in Ohio celebrated their 2022 Prom Promise week event for their junior and senior classes. Premier Law Group was honored to be involved through the distance, sending Teens Against Distracted Driving pledges to support the school’s cause to keep their students and community safe on the roads. Prom Promise week was filled […]

Un accidente automovilístico a nivel federal provoca lesiones permanentes a las mujeres

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A woman was permanently injured following an auto accident in Federal Way. Unfortunately, we help people every day who experience this same tragedy. Fortunately for Michelle G, however, she called the right place. Our expert car accident lawyers in Federal Way knew what to do, and fought hard on Michelle’s behalf. The driver who hit her didn’t […]

¡Chad Dublin gana nuestra beca por conducción distraída 2020!

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Chad D, ganador de la beca para conducir distraído 2020

At Premier Law Group, we believe in making the world a better place. That’s one of the reasons why we host several community campaigns. One of our community campaigns is a Distracted Driving Scholarship. The Premier Law Group Distracted Driving Scholarship is available to high school seniors and college freshman from the state of Washington. […]

Los conductores de Seattle se encuentran entre los peores del país

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Seattle drivers

Are Seattle drivers among the worst in the nation? A national best drivers report from Allstate may have us questioning our driving habits. Out of the 200 largest cities in the nation, Seattle is ranked No. 184 in accident frequency in the last year. Really? Only 6 cities have more accidents per capita than us. […]

Rhode Island adopta un nuevo enfoque para enviar mensajes de texto y conducir | Abogado de accidentes automovilísticos en Seattle

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The state of Rhode Island has decided to take texting and driving penalties to a new level – license suspension. The Ocean State’s General Assembly has added driver’s license suspension to its possible punishments for drivers who are caught texting while behind the wheel. The change means that traffic tribunal judges can now substitute license […]

plan de transporte derribado, los usuarios del Metro tendrán un viaje difícil | Abogado de accidentes automovilísticos en Seattle

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The Washington State Senate has rejected a transportation plan totaling $10 billion, leaving the Metro Transit system scrambling. The package would have helped to fund the Metro service, but despite efforts by Governor Jay Inslee to pass the plan, it failed after being approved by the House. The plan included a 10.5 cent increase in […]