Legal Definition Under Washington State Law

“In Washington State, a collision is anytime a vehicle hits another object such as another vehicle, fence, or pole.”

A collision, also known as a car crash, is the cause of virtually all auto accidents. Simply put, a collision is when your car, truck, or vehicle hits another object. Most often these are not serious accidents, only involving property damage. Unfortunately however, collisions are many times very serious and even fatal.

The most common types of collisions we think of in regards to car crashes are when two vehicles hit each other. Whether this includes a head on collision, a rear end accident, or a semi-truck accident. Some other more common types of accidents also include:

If You Were In A Collision, You Have Rights

All auto accident victims have rights in Washington State.  The insurance companies will investigate and make a decision about who is liable for the car crash. Either the driver responsible or their insurance company will then be liable for all of the damages caused by the accident. This includes medical bills and property damage.  Anyone injured in a car accident should speak with a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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