“At or prior to the time the case is called to be set for trial, any party may demand a trial by jury of any issue triable of right by a jury by serving upon the other parties a demand therefor in writing, by filing the demand with the clerk, and by paying the jury fee required by law.” – Courts.wa.gov

When most people think of a jury, they think of how juries are shown in movies, where a criminal lawyer is arguing that their client is innocent. That is not the case though with all Jury trials. In Washington State, anyone can call a jury for a trial, even if the case is not a criminal case (i.e. personal injury cases).

Will A Jury Trial Affect My Case?

There are advantages and disadvantages to having a jury trial. Being the plaintiff in a personal injury case, you and your lawyer will need to prove you were injured or suffered other damages, and that these damages were caused by the negligence of the defendant. The caveat is the people before you are not experts on the law.  Twelve ordinary people like you and me will make up your jury. Often, when this is the case, the impression you make in the courtroom will be as important as the actual facts of your case.

With that being said, a jury can be affected by these two things:

  • Prejudice: Because of a pre-existing bias, they do not treat you fairly or take your injuries seriously.
  • Sympathy: The opposite of prejudice, they treat you especially favorably because they have compassion for you or your injuries.

Having an experienced personal injury lawyer can help eliminate prejudiced jurors in a process called voir dire. An expert personal injury attorney will also help you make a good impression to gain favor in your case.

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