A lawyer, also known as an attorney, is someone who practices law. In Washington, lawyers have to be licensed by the state to practice law, and that requires extensive schooling and testing—or a certain level of experience and licensure in another state.

Lawyers have thorough training and knowledge regarding the law.  It is their business to know your rights in your legal case.  Many attorneys will specialize in specific areas of the law because it would be impossible to know every aspect of every category of the law.

Attorneys who work in personal injury matters, such as car accidents, slip and fall cases, and dog bite claims, practice in the category of “torts.” Many lawyers will also further specialize their practice by only starting or by only defending lawsuits.


Why should I have a lawyer for my personal injury case?

Technically, you do not need an attorney to start a lawsuit.  That being said, it is a smart move to have one, because attorneys bring a lot of value to your claim.  Lawyers who practice in personal injury cases see cases like yours every day.  They can put that knowledge and experience to work for you by:

  • Evaluating your situation to determine what the value of your claim may be compared to similar cases in your area and how likely you are to win your case at trial
  • Negotiating with an insurance company, employer, or anyone else who may be involved in your case
  • Investigating the accident
  • Gathering and analyzing medical records on your behalf
  • Knowing what they will need to be able to prove to win your case
  • Presenting your case to a judge, jury, or insurance adjuster in the best way possible

Unfortunately, many people hesitate to get a lawyer, which stems from the misconception that they are expensive. Premier Law Group uses a contingency fee agreement, which means that if we don’t recover anything for you, then you don’t have to pay us anything.  You get a lot of value with no payment up front.  Also, research shows that you are significantly more likely to win your case and/or get an increased settlement amount if you have an experienced attorney on your side.


Why does it matter what kind of lawyer I get?

No one lawyer knows everything.  Many attorneys specialize in just a few areas of the law so they can understand that particular area very well.  That is why you don’t want the same attorney who made your will to help you with your personal injury case.  They likely do not have the experience, knowledge, and skill you need to present a compelling argument after an auto accident.  That doesn’t make that person a bad lawyer! It only highlights the difference between a general practitioner and a specialist. Just as you wouldn’t use your family doctor to perform a spinal surgery, similarly you will get better results in hiring an attorney that specializes only in personal injury law.

Meeting with us is the best way to determine if you have a legal claim and decide if you want to work with our team to start your lawsuit.  We would love to talk to you about your options.  Fill out the form to your right or call us at 206-285-1743 to speak with one of our attorneys for FREE.