Construction Accident Attorney in Renton, WA

Construction sites are a sign of change, promising renewed life in a neighborhood. Contractors and subcontractors pave the way for new apartment buildings, new stores, or even new roads/highways.

Construction sites can bring about plenty of hazards as well. Welding equipment, exposed rebar, collapsing trenches, unsteady cranes, and falling material are but a few of the dangers one can expect to find at a construction site. Negligence can heighten the risk of injury on the job. When this happens, contacting a Renton construction accident lawyer is a crucial step towards recovery. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are over 150,000 injuries on a construction site every year. 

If a construction worker becomes injured, they may file a workers’ compensation claim. The injured person may also be eligible to file a third-party injury claim to recover compensation from a negligent party, especially if that other party failed to follow OSHA or Washington Industrial Safety Act (WISHA) regulations.

Common Types of Construction Accidents in Renton

Paving roads and constructing buildings can be dangerous work. Vertical heights, molten tar, exposed electrical wires, and unsteady structures are but a fraction of the potential risks involved with such work. Construction companies have long-established responsibilities and obligations to the state and their employees to mitigate risks and reduce the chances of construction injuries. Such companies must take regular precautions and train employees to make sure that they know how to use their equipment.

Unfortunately, accidents on construction sites still happen. These accidents cause severe injuries, and even death, across Washington State. Some of the most common accidents at construction sites include:

Faulty Design

Every person on a construction site relies on each other to make certain that the structure is secure. In particular, the engineers must check their work and ensure that their designs are safe. If the designers and engineers do a poor job, the workers on the structure face the risks of a possible collapse.


Construction sites always have live wires. Until those wires are secured and grounded, there is an ever-present risk of contact with the live wires, either underground or overhead. In addition, poor wiring can exist in any building. Contact with live wires can cause severe third-degree burns or even death.

Crushing Accidents

Steam rollers, cranes, bulldozers, industrial-strength trucks, and cement trucks require a lot of clearance to maneuver on a construction site. Jackhammers and riveters may seem insignificant until one lands on a coworker from a twenty-story drop. Another person’s carelessness or inattention can cause loss of limbs or life.

These are some of the risks associated with construction sites. There are many more, for certain. When multiple people work in tandem, every worker must  be aware of their surroundings and cannot exist within a bubble. The more people who are working, the more potential there is for an accident to occur. Any mistake, no matter how accidental, can create catastrophic injury for others. If you have been injured passing by a construction site, or because of a construction coworker’s or contractor’s negligence, then you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an experienced construction accident attorney today for help with your construction accident claim.

Contact a Renton Construction Accident Lawyer at Premier Law Group

Construction accidents are zealously defended by insurance adjusters and the construction company’s attorneys. The people representing the insurance companies are aggressive and will attempt to blame you for your injury. They will try to intimidate you into withdrawing your claim or offer you a lowball settlement in order to minimize their liability. You should not try to handle a construction accident claim on your own.

You need dedicated and seasoned attorneys who know how to work on your behalf. Premier Law Group has knowledgeable and experienced construction accident lawyers in Renton, WA who are well-versed in personal injury law and know how to handle Washington insurance companies. Learn about your rights as a construction accident victim and whether a legal case is the right option for you. You can contact us online or call (206) 880-7518.