Were You Injured While Riding a Moped in Seattle?

motor scooter accident lawyers in SeattleEverywhere you go in the Emerald City, people are seen driving motor scooters.  Some are two-wheeled, others have three wheels.  Their compact size, affordability and gas efficiency are far better than cars and trucks. These are huge attractors for city dwellers, who have little to no parking availability deal with  high traffic congestion. But scooters have one big downside. Scooters are not built with safety in mind.  Motor scooter drivers involved in motor scooter accidents end up with serious injuries.  Sadly, the most frequent injuries are to the head and brain. So, all that said, what can you do if you or a loved one is injured in a scooter accident? Your best option, would be to call a motor scooter accident attorney.

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How Motor Scooter Accidents Happen

motor scooter accident attorneys in SeattleScooters are small, quiet and almost invisible to other vehicle drivers.   In addition, scooters have no safety features.   There are no airbags, seatbelts, or the protection of car walls.  Some scooter drivers do not even wear helmets.

With that said, You can imagine how it’s easy to understand that a motor scooter accident can be catastrophic for the driver. Sadly, because of this, they are often fatal, or permanently life altering in the form of a brain injury or other serious injuries.

Most scooter accidents happen due to the following:

  • Poorly maintained roads —  rough pavement and potholes that eject scooter riders
  • Negligent vehicle drivers —  drivers who do not see the scooter and caused a collision
  • Defective Scooter Equipment — the scooter quits working and causes a collision

It’s easy to see that victims of motor scooter accidents will suffer serious, sometimes fatal, injuries.

The Dangers of Motor Scooters

There’s a misperception that motor scooter drivers will walk away from accidents and suffer no injuries.  People who see these accidents know that this is not the case.

In point of fact, it’s the scooter rider who takes the brunt of the collision.  Usually, the scooter driver is thrown off the scooter and slammed into the road.  No scooter driver ever walks away from a collision without injuries.

Common scooter accident injuries include:

These injuries involve expensive medical bills.  There’s lost time from work and enjoyment of life.   And scooter accident victims also suffer from deep emotional trauma.

Many accident victims are in no position to deal with accident liability, claims’ adjustors, filing claims, etc.  They have to focus on healing.

But it’s extremely important that motor scooter injury accidents are investigated and claims filed.  An experienced scooter accident lawyer can help victims deal with all aspects of scooter accidents and claims.

Who is at Fault for a Scooter Injury?

Determining fault in a scooter accident requires in-depth investigation.  Investigations show that most scooter injury accidents are caused by the following:

  • Negligent Vehicle Driver — driver of a passenger vehicle
  • Poor Road Maintenance – lack of road and sidewalk maintenance
  • Scooter Equipment Failure — scooter manufacturer defects
  • Negligence by Scooter Driver — the scooter rider may have caused the collision.

If you have been in a scooter accident, it is vital that you get immediate medical care.  Furthermore. victims need to keep the damaged scooter, as well.  The reason why is because the scooter needs to have an examination to help determine the cause of the accident.

It’s important to remember that someone has caused the accident.  If you injured in a scooter accident that was not your fault, the at-fault party needs to be held responsible for your damages.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Expect After a Seattle Scooter Accident Injury?

auto accident attorney Patrick J. KangClaims compensation for injuries and damages in a motor scooter accident can be quite high.  It all depends on the seriousness of the injuries and who caused the accident.

Even a small compact car can cause serious injuries and damages to a scooter rider.  Therefore, this makes all accident scene evidence extremely important.  This in addition to medical records of your injuries will all help build your case.

Damages usually include medical bills, lost wages, lowered quality of life, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.  These damages are to help award accident victims so they can heal and recover financially.

Speak With a Seattle Motor Scooter Accident Attorney

Negligence is tough to determine in any accident.  When you involve motor scooters, it is even more difficult. What’s more is that few lawyers are familiar with state and local laws that govern motor scooter accidents.

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