Collision Resulting From An Aggressive and Unsafe Lane Change

Seattle Bellevue Renton Federal Way unsafe lane change truck accident lawyersImagine this:  a big rig driver aggressively moved over into your driving lane — no turn signal!  There’s no shoulder, and you have nowhere to go.  Just like that — you are hit!  An 80,000 lb 18 wheeler driver made an aggressive unsafe lane change and crashed into you. Sadly, commercial truck accidents injure and kill motorists on America’s roadways every day. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports 3,903 fatalities caused by large truck traffic crashes. Most were caused by aggressive and unsafe lane changes.

Have you or a loved one been injured by a big rig truck that made an unsafe lane change?  Did you lose someone you love in the accident?  Are you dealing with horrendous medical bills?  And rightly scared for your future?

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Dangerous Driving Behavior Causes Truck Accidents

Many big rig truck drivers are highly competent experienced and responsible drivers.  But there are those who are not.  These drivers speed, make aggressive and unsafe lane changes, and fail to yield the right-of-way to other drivers.

These choices are lethal to other motorists when committed by big rig truck drivers.  Fully loaded tractor-trailers weigh 30 times as much as the average passenger vehicle. There is no contest when a passenger vehicle collides with a commercial truck.  The occupants of the passenger vehicle clearly suffer the most harm.

Truck drivers are supposed to be taught how to drive safely.  In fact, they are required to have extensive training before testing for a commercial driver’s license (CDL).   Truck drivers are held to a much higher licensing standard than other motorists.

Still, some truck drivers choose to drive aggressively and carelessly. They take risks and make driving mistakes that cause unsafe lane accidents.  Unfortunately, other drivers suffer the most harm in an unsafe lane change accident.

What Constitutes An Unsafe Lane Change?

Unsafe lane change truck accidents are the result of a wide number of poor driving choices.

Causes of these accidents include:

  • Blind Spots:  Failure to look in all known truck blind spots before changing lanes
  • Lack of Turn Signals:  Changing lanes without turn signals
  • Failure to Drive in Truck Lane:  Driving in other lanes for extended periods of time.
  • Driver FatigueTruckers who drive longer than legally allowed
  • Distracted Driving:  Particularly cell phone calls, texting, eating while driving
  • Driving Under the InfluenceUsing drugs or alcohol, while on the road

Roads and byways of Seattle are becoming more congested, as more people move here and drive.  Every motorist, including truckers, are responsible for driving safely, to keep themselves and others safe.

If you or a loved one has been injured in unsafe lane change accident, you have a right to seek compensation from the at-fault driver.

Liability In Truck Accidents Caused By Unsafe Lane Changes

All motorists have a responsibility to use turn signals to make safe lane changes and drive safely.  A truck driver has even more responsibility to protect the driving public.  The driver has to look thoroughly in all the truck’s blind spots for other vehicles.  And once this is done, use turn signals to show intent to change lanes.

Our state has clear guidelines on how to determine fault in an unsafe lane change accident.   Washington’s Vehicle Code RCW 46.61.140, states a driver is at fault when make unsafe lane changes.  The driver and the truck company can be liable for causing the accident.

The Consequences Of Unsafe Lane Changing

unsafe lane change truck accidentThere are many serious consequences for drivers who injure other motorists in unsafe lane change accidents.  These most common injuries to the driving public include:

Improper lane change accidents are a serious traffic offense in our state.  For that reason, truck companies and drivers receive fines for aggressive driving and unsafe lane changes.  The driver can lose their CDL license.  If the truck caused the accident, the company is responsible for paying all costs of the injured.

Do I Need An Attorney Even If It’s Obvious I Wasn’t At Fault?

In a word – yes.  Trucking companies are in business strictly to make profits.  Any accident claims paid out come off their bottom line.  They instruct insurers to find ways to place blame for the accident on the victims.  When this is not an option, they drag out making any claim payments.

The way to deal with this is collect cold hard facts.  It’s the kind of evidence that experienced personal injury attorneys know how to collect.  Police reports, eyewitness statements, medical evaluations and trucking company records on trucks and drivers.  Most of these records are not available to accident victims.

Seattle Unsafe Lane Change Accident Attorneys Can Help You Get Compensation!

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Our attorneys know only too well how truck companies legal teams work.  And we hold them accountable to pay you for your injuries and damages.

For example, your attorney will:

  • Collect Police Reports
  • Secure Eye-witness Reports
  • Subpoena Truck Maintenance Records
  • Analyze Pre-trip Truck Inspection Logs
  • Review Truck Repair Records
  • Subpoena and Review Truck Driver Accident Records

With these facts, your attorney builds your case and files claims for compensation.  We negotiate FOR YOU and your loved ones.

Don’t sign off on an insurance claim until you talk with us.  Focus on healing, and let us collect evidence and handle all the claim details.

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