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Injured in auto accidentStreet sweepers provide vital services across all our communities.  They sweep and vacuum debris, making our roadways safe for pedestrians and motorists alike.  But few people realize that street sweeper accidents are on the rise, not only here in Washington, but across our nation.  In fact, there have been 37 street sweeper accidents involving pedestrians and/or motorists, in the past 8 years in our nation.

Two major contributing factors are at fault for these accidents.  One is hiring drivers who have no previous experience operating a street cleaner and no safety protocol training.  Secondly, many commercial street sweeper vehicles lack safety features that help prevent major accidents.

Have you or a loved one suffered a serious life-changing street sweeper accident and injury?  Did you lose someone you love to this kind of accident?  Are you dealing with horrendous medical bills?  And rightly scared for your future?

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If the street cleaner accident was caused by another person’s negligence, you need an attorney as your claims partner.  Our expert Seattle personal injury lawyers understand the claim process, and the seriousness of street cleaner accidents and injuries.  We know the best next steps and negotiate on your behalf, while you focus on recovery.  Let us collect all the accident evidence, determine negligence and fault, and manage the claims process for you and your loved ones.

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What is The Cause of Street Sweeper Accidents?

Street sweeper accidents are far more common than most people realize.  Of the 37 accidents mentioned above, all resulted in extremely serious injuries and several caused the death of innocent people.

Street cleaner vehicles are either privately or publicly owned.  Regardless of ownership, there are extensive laws that operators are to adhere to.  These were designed to protect pedestrians and motorists from harm from these huge vehicles.

Most often, the driver/operator of the street sweeping machine is found to be “at-fault” in causing street cleaner accidents.

  • Lack of Operator Training:  Commercial street sweepers are only as safe as the operator that’s driving them. Drivers that are not properly trained are a major safety hazard.
  • Distracted Drivers:  Street sweeping vehicles sit high up, off the ground, with barely any visibility other than what they can see through the front and side windows.  They have two steering wheels – one for the left side, the other for the right.  Plus two separate motor systems.  One runs the vehicle, and the other that powers the cleaning/sweeping/vacuuming system.  Therefore, operating a street sweeper requires a lot of coordination between the various parts.  Plus, the operator ALSO has to be on the lookout for pedestrians, bicyclists and other motorists.  Street cleaner operators cannot afford to lose focus due to distractions while driving!
  • High Noise Level:  Commercial street sweepers are extremely loud.  Many operators wear earplugs  or headphones, to protect their eardrums.  But this is extremely dangerous thing to do.  They literally cannot hear other motorists’ horns, or pedestrian shouts, or the audible back-up alarms of their own vehicles.  Never count on street cleaner operators to rely on hearing a warning.
  • Lack Of Rear-View Camera:  Safety professionals assert that street cleaner vehicles should always be equipped with a rear-view camera.  However, few commercial street cleaner vehicles have this safety feature.  It’s important to note that a rear view camera would help operators “see” pedestrians and motor vehicles behind them.  Particularly when they cannot “hear” them due to the noise of the vehicle.

Legal Help for Street Sweeper Accident Victims

experienced Seattle personal injury attorneysAll street cleaner accidents are much more complex and difficult to investigate than the majority of other vehicle accidents.  This is partly because most street cleaners are owned by local governments, or they are privately owned but under municipal contract.  Regardless, all have special legal teams that vigorously defend against accident claims.

The thing is that accident victims have to do two things immediately following a street sweeper accident.  One is get full medical diagnosis and care.  And the second is hire a personal injury attorney with experience in dealing with street sweeper legal teams.

Street sweeper legal teams think nothing of allowing accident victims to suffer physically and financially.  In fact, they will do their best to level blame for the accident on the victim themselves.  They have no intention of paying one iota for the damages and injuries that their operator has caused.

Having an Experienced Attorney Counts

It’s important for accident victims and their families to understand that your attorney partner must be someone who has experience with street sweeper accidents.  These operators do make mistakes.  And their mistakes have catastrophic consequences for all concerned – those who have injuries, and the operators themselves.

For example, if the municipality owns the street sweeper, then the accident victim will be filing claims against the operator AND against the municipality owner.  To succeed in these claims, you need attorneys who have a full grasp on how best to handle these cases.  Someone who has successfully negotiated in street cleaner accident cases before.  Much depends on who is liable and responsible for causing the accident.

Liability After a Street Sweeper Accident

Accidents involving publicly or privately owned street sweepers are devastating and traumatic. Injuries from these accidents means victims are dealing with costly and extensive medical care. As medical costs start mounting up, they cause additional pain and suffering, and put accident victim’s families into financial jeopardy.

Victims and their families must understand that liability in street cleaner accidents has to be proven.  The accident could have occurred due to an inexperienced operator.  Or it could have been caused by lack of maintenance or safety training by the owner.  Or the operator simply made a mistake that ended up causing extensive damages and injuries.

Determining responsibility and liability takes a lot of firsthand experience and knowledge of street sweeper accidents.

Getting Legal Help After Street Sweeper Accident

There are so many laws that come into play, involving street sweeper accidents.  All are in place specifically to protect pedestrians and other motorists from physical harm.  At Premier Law Group, we understand that the accident victim needs to focus on getting well.  That’s why we act as your legal partner.  It’s our job to prove that the street sweeper operator, or the vehicle owner, or both, acted without care and/or negligently.

We offer free consultation and a no-fee guarantee.  Don’t sign off on an insurance claim settlement offer until you talk with us.  We will review your case at no cost to you, and provide advice on how best to move forward.

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