The Safe Road to Santa’s Workshop

Infographic to stay safe on the road

1. Speed Limit. Watching your speed is the most important thing when it comes to driving.
2. Stop. Follow road sign laws and stop when posted.
3. No Texting While Driving. Keep your eyes on the road at all times. If needed, pull over to a safe area to use your phone.
4. Keep your distance. Keep your distance between you and other cars.
5. Don’t Drink and Drive. Don’t drink and drive. Call a friend or driving service to get you back home safely.
6. Buckle Up. Remember to buckle up before driving.
7. Watch for ICE. When driving, be prepared for ice on the roads.
8. Watch for Pedestrians. Watch for people and animals when out driving.

Download a high-resolution file of The Safe Road To Santa’s Workshop.