With Teen Drivers, Everyone’s at Risk

Everyone’s at Risk With Teen Drivers

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Nearly two-thirds of all people killed or injured in a teen driver crash are people other than the driver. What does this mean for you and me? It means that we need to do more to protect our teens from distracted driving. Consequently, everyone in the Bellevue and Seattle communities is at risk of the hazards of teen drivers.

The Danger of Passengers for Teens

Teen’s driving skills are greatly impacted when other people are in the car with them.  Typically if there are passengers over the age of 35, their chances of dying in an accident decreases by 62%. On the contrary when a teen is driving with three or more passengers under the age of 21 their risk of being killed in an accident quadruples. It doubles when carrying passengers under 21 and it increases by 44% when carrying one passenger under the age of 21. This is an astounding rate and it needs to be addressed.

Teen Driver Fatality Rates

Premier Law Group is a personal injury firm in Bellevue, Washington. We do our best to educate teen drivers on distracted driving and help to make our communities safer. We have multiple programs that address the dangers of teen driving and distracted driving. Because when teens are driving, and driving distracted, other people will be hurt. 48% of occupants in other cars involved in an accident with a teen driver are injured and 29% will be killed. Passengers of teen drivers are more likely to be killed than injured. Likewise, pedestrians are more likely to be killed than injured as well.

Premier Law Group aims to end Teen Driving Risks

We can all do our part by ensuring that teens are not driving with other young passengers. Ensuring that they are aware of the dangers of distracted driving and that they take safety seriously. To learn more about how you can be involved with Premier Law Group’s teen driving initiative and distracted driving scholarship click here to learn more about Teens Against Distracted Driving. 

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with a teen driver, please call us now at 206.285.1743 we will connect you directly to an expert Bellevue personal injury attorney. This attorney will evaluate your case and let you know if you have a claim or not.