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Injured In An Accident With A Drowsy Driver?

drowsy Seattle bus driver lawyersHave you or a loved one been injured in a drowsy driving accident?

If you are injured in an accident caused by someone who fell asleep behind the wheel, are you trying to negotiate with the driver’s insurance company and getting nowhere? Are they denying your claims? Do you know your rights?

A recent KIRO 7 tv documentary report says that more than a third of all drivers admit to having fallen asleep behind the wheel at some point in their lives. Of these, more than 1 in 10 has fallen asleep behind the wheel in the past year!

Premier Law Group can help!  Our expert Seattle accident attorneys have the experience dealing with the insurance companies. We also have access to information that you may not have. We investigate, collect evidence, and work for YOU, to get the settlement you deserve.

Who Causes Drowsy Driving Accidents?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that drowsy driving contributes to inattention and impaired thinking.  In the worst case, the drowsy driver falls asleep at the wheel and causes serious injury accidents.

The majority of people responsible for drowsy driving accidents are:

  • Semi-truck and tractor-trailer drivers
  • Bus drivers
  • Tow truck drivers
  • Night shift workers
  • Drivers with untreated sleep apnea
  • People using medications to help them sleep

National Drowsy Driving Accident Statistics

In comparison, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration compiles data on truck and bus accidents across our country.  Their most recent report shows:

  • Driver drowsiness slows a driver’s response time to potential hazards, increasing the chances of being in a crash
  • Time of day driving affects alertness
  • All drivers are less alert after midnight
  • Highest number of drowsy driving accidents occur during first hour of driving
  • Sleep deprivation affects short-term memory, brain functioning, reaction time, and causes inability to resist falling asleep

Semi-Truck Crashes Caused by Fatigued Truckers

Seattle semi truck accident lawyersSimilarly, the FMCSA Large Truck Causation Study found at least 13% of commercial truck drivers are sleepy and complain of being tired at the time of a crash.

In Seattle, the risk of drowsy driving semi-truck crashes was twice as high for double trailer trucks; and higher in number for younger semi-truck drivers.  Most importantly, all ages of drivers are impacted by longer hours of driving.

With this in mind, researchers examined driver’s logbooks, because longer driver hours were clearly contributing to drowsy driving auto accidents.   A major issue was uncovered:  some drivers misrepresented the actual hours they were driving!

Furthermore, driver log misrepresentation is a major violation of interstate travel and commerce.

Liability For Accidents Caused By A Drowsy Driver

You have injuries, you are losing wages because of your injuries, and the medical bills are piling up. This auto accident has an affect in every part of your life.  Now the insurance company is investigating YOU, the victim in this auto accident.

How does the everyday person who’s suffering from injuries and damages in an auto accident caused by a drowsy driver prove liability? How will you cover your medical care and property damages? Or lastly, even more if the accident has caused severe injuries?  How will you get the care you need, to take care of yourself and your family, after an accident like this?

An expert Seattle car accident attorney will investigate, figure out who bears liability, and even bring in expert witnesses from the scene of the accident, in order to establish exactly how the accident happened, and who is responsible.

An experienced auto accident attorney will collect and sift through all key evidence in your case.

This includes:

  • Witness statements — that the driver veered out its lane or into a crowded intersection without stopping or slowing down – as evidenced by no skid marks.
  • Cell phone geographical tracking data – to show the driver was covering long distances prior to the accident, driving too long, leading to sleep deprivation.
  • Truck driver job logs – the geographical tracking data compared to the driver hours put into the logbook will show if hours on the road are accurately recorded
  • Medication/prescriptions known to cause drowsiness – drivers taking medications that cause drowsiness put others at risk when they are on the road

Above all, in Washington State, all drivers that fall asleep at the wheel have violated their legal duty of care, and are legally responsible for the damages they cause.

How Can A Seattle Drowsy Driving Accident Attorney Help

Tired Seattle driver lawyersOur expert Seattle drowsy driving attorneys work for YOU.  We go the extra mile to collect every detail about your drowsy driving accident.  This includes:

  • police accident reports
  • eyewitness statements
  • your injury reports
  • your medical history before and after the accident
  • lost wages due to injuries
  • the truck driving logbooks
  • compared to driver’s cell phone geological tracking data
  • and all other related personal injury accident details.

Our drowsy driving accident attorneys will collect all this data, and build it into a claim for a fair settlement on your behalf. And, not just for you, but for all loved ones who have injuries from the drowsy driving accident.

A fair settlement would include:

  • All medical expenses including disfigurement, physical pain
  • All Lost wages, and any diminished earning capacity
  • Property damages
  • Pain and suffering, mental trauma, loss of enjoyment of life
  • Funeral costs if there’s loss of life

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