Seattle Wage & Hour Disputes

Wage theft is a significant problem in Seattle workplaces, costing employees millions annually. Many workers have yet to learn it is happening, so employers have no incentive to clean up their act. Premier Law Group is an experienced law firm dedicated to worker rights. If you contact us, one of our Seattle wage & hour disputes lawyers can analyze whether you can file a claim for unpaid wages.

Seattle’s Minimum Wage

Seattle has taken the lead in Washington in establishing a high minimum wage. As of 2024, the current minimum is $19.97 for employers with more than 500 employees. Employees at smaller businesses might have a lower minimum wage, depending on whether their employer contributes to health care costs. Either way, Seattle’s minimum wage is higher than the state’s.

You should receive at least this much for each hour worked. If not, we can file a wage and hour complaint to get your desired wages.

Are You Entitled to Overtime?

As a rule, all workers are entitled to overtime pay unless exempt. Overtime should be paid 1.5 times a worker’s regular pay rate for all hours over 40 in 7 days.

For example, your regular pay rate might be $30 an hour, and you worked 44 hours a week. If so, then 40 hours are paid at your regular rate. And 4 hours are paid at 1.5 your regular rate, or $45 an hour.

There are many misconceptions about overtime, some amplified by employers who want to avoid paying wages. One is that salaried workers are always exempt, which isn’t true. Many salaried workers will qualify for overtime unless they do professional, technical, or executive work. You should consult an attorney if you believe you deserve overtime.

Other employers fail to count all workers’ hours, including mandatory training or breaks where a worker cannot leave. The result is wage theft.

Remedies for Wage & Hour Violations

Occasionally, an employer makes an honest mistake and will correctly make things right if you point out any unpaid wages. Unfortunately, many employers will deny the allegation. They will claim you aren’t entitled to a penny more than what they paid. We might need to file a wage and hour claim to obtain all your wages.

Call Premier Law Group. We can file a complaint with the Department of Labor & Industries or file a lawsuit on your behalf. Our clients are eligible to receive backpay and other compensation.

State and federal laws prohibit retaliation. Consequently, you cannot lose your job or suffer other adverse employment action for filing a complaint. We can seek job reinstatement, compensatory damages, and other relief whenever an employer engages in retaliation.

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