Rideshare Accident Attorney in Renton

People are starting to realize the advantages of using a ridesharing service rather than driving their own car or even using the bus or train. Customers who use rideshare services may get around their city without hassles, like looking for a nice parking spot or topping up on gas. You only need to press a few buttons, wait a short while, get inside, and you’re on your way.

However, rideshare trips are still subject to auto accidents. The primary distinction is the potential complexity of the legal issues that may arise from incidents involving rideshare drivers. While regular auto accidents are stressful enough as it is, the legal complexity of a ridesharing collision may be too much for one person to handle. When dealing with the consequences following an accident, getting in touch with an experienced Renton rideshare accident attorney may be beneficial.

Am I Covered if I’m a Passenger in a Renton Rideshare Accident? 

In a typical scenario, injured victims of car accidents would file a claim with the insurance company of the party who was at blame. When you use a ridesharing service, you are most likely riding in the driver’s personal car. Thus, their personal insurance may cover your injuries. Rideshare services also often have third-party liability insurance for accidents involving riders. In many cases, the third-party liability insurance of the ridesharing provider will likely cover you. 

Uber and Lyft must offer liability insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, and underinsured motorist protection for anyone hurt in a rideshare accident, including other drivers and passengers. Since Uber maintains insurance for its drivers, passengers are covered in certain accidents. Like Uber, Lyft provides drivers and riders with comprehensive motor insurance protection.

However, these policies’ maximum coverage levels may change depending on where an accident happens along the driver’s journey. For example, the ridesharing provider is not responsible for accidents if a driver has not activated the Uber or Lyft app. Injured parties must instead submit a claim to the driver’s private auto insurance plan.

What Insurance Coverage Does Uber Have?

Uber must carry $25,000 in property damage insurance, $50,000 in bodily injury coverage per person, and $100,000 in accident-related bodily injury coverage. If a driver is injured in an accident while en route to pick up a passenger or in the middle of a paid trip, Uber has $1,000,000 in third-party liability insurance.

Bodily injury and property damage to objects or people other than the driver and their vehicle are covered by third-party liability insurance. The victim’s damages will be covered by the at-fault driver’s bodily injury insurance when rideshare drivers cause accidents that result in injuries.

What Insurance Coverage Does Lyft Have?

The contingent liability insurance provided by Lyft protects drivers while they are actively using the app and waiting for a ride request. This policy’s bodily injury and property damage coverage limits are $50,000 per person, $100,000 per accident for bodily injuries, and $25,000 for property damage. 

The policy limit may vary based on state or local limitations. Drivers must also have collision or comprehensive coverage on their personal motor insurance policy to use Lyft.

What Factors Lead to Rideshare Accidents in Renton?

Users of ridesharing services are freed from many of the drawbacks of driving their own cars, such as navigating traffic, refueling, and parking. Additionally, many drivers enjoy driving for ridesharing services because of its flexibility and the opportunity to visit different places. Despite these benefits, Uber and Lyft have several disadvantages that raise safety concerns you might not otherwise confront when driving yourself.

Ridesharing accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. Common factors that lead to rideshare accidents include:

  • Distracting rideshare app notifications
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Unsafe pickup and drop-off locations
  • Driving on unfamiliar roads
  • GPS errors
  • Driver fatigue
  • Traffic law violations

Uber and Lyft drivers are typically pressured to take on as many riders as possible in a short time. While financially, it is beneficial for drivers to complete a high number of trips, this way of thinking encourages reckless drivers to engage in unsafe driving practices, including speeding, not taking breaks, and constantly checking the app for more trips.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Ride-Sharing Accidents in Renton?

Since you only have a short window of time to file a claim following an auto accident, you must take action as quickly as possible after a collision. The same statute of limitations that applies to other motor accidents in Washington will apply to any personal injuries you experience in a ridesharing accident. 

To file a personal injury claim, you have three years from the accident date. If you fail to meet this deadline, the court may decide not to hear your case, preventing you from receiving damages for your losses.

Consult a Proven Renton Rideshare Accident Lawyer About Your Claim 

Most passengers are unaware of how they should go about filing claims and seeking compensation when they’re a passenger in a rideshare accident. Even though you’re not the vehicle owner and weren’t even the driver, you could still be hurt or lose money due to this accident. Accidents involving rideshare services can be more complex than regular auto accidents.

You may need a knowledgeable ridesharing accident attorney to step in. Premier Law Group has top-tier Washington injury and auto accident lawyers. Our legal team will fight for your rights to fair compensation and assist you in submitting a claim for damages. We will not charge a fee unless we win. Our lawyers are dedicated to giving clients the proper legal guidance and a dedicated helping hand through your hard times. To arrange a free consultation for your accident case, contact (206) 880-7518 or fill out our contact form today.