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Why the Police Report Is Important in Your Seattle Motorcycle Accident

If the police came to assist you after your motorcycle crash, they probably filled out an accident report. This report can be an important piece of evidence your Seattle motorcycle accident attorney will want to obtain, so you should be sure to make him aware of it during your first meeting.

Police reports are viewed by jurors as being extremely reliable sources of evidence. You have an obvious vested interest in persuading the jury about your side of the story, as does the person who caused your accident, but the police have nothing to gain one way or the other. In reality, police reports often contain errors, but the mere fact that they were prepared by someone more or less disinterested in the outcome of the case will lead the jury to value them highly.

Even if the police officer has little to add to your case factually, yourSeattlemotorcycle accident attorney may consider calling him as a first witness to set the stage for the trial. At the very least, the officer can confirm the time, date, and location of the crash. Police reports will frequently contain some or all of the following information:

– Who was the driver that hit you?

– Who was the owner of the vehicle that hit you?

– What was the weather like at the time of the accident?

– Were there any witnesses? What are their names and addresses?

– What is the apparent cause of the accident?

– Did you, the other driver, or any passengers sustain any injuries?

– Did the officer test you or the other driver for alcohol or drug use?

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