Legal Action Against Seattle Department of Transportation

Seattle department of transportation attorneysThe City of Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is responsible for many road projects each year. These projects are also part of an effort to build and maintain our local transit network. The network will consist of over 1600 miles of road.

Construction crews, road closures, and detours are common as well. In every project, safety is a top priority. Also, accidents are rather frequent. If the SDOT was negligent, then any injuries resulting from that negligence may have a valid legal claim.

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Examples of Seattle Department of Transportation Negligence

There are a number of ways that a government agency can be negligent. Some of the more common ways that the Seattle Department of Transportation can be negligent are:

  • Ineffective roadway design
  • Road signs blocked by foliage
  • Bicycle paths crisscrossed with edges
  • Dangerous sidewalks
  • Inadequate bridge or road maintenance
  • Poorly placed pedestrian signals & misplaced direction signs
  • Hazardous roadblocks, construction signs, or blockade placement
  • Lack of basic maintenance
  • Failing to warn drivers of unsafe conditions or road closure
  • Construction materials left in the road
  • Confusing way-finding signs

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Governments Are in Charge of Public Roads

Seattle department of transportation workers Most of the roads you will ever drive on are public streets and avenues. Also, as a public resource, a government department owns the roadway, such as a department of transit. To this end, the government is in charge of properly maintaining those roads. The government may be at fault if they fail to do so.

It can be hard, however, to determine who is in charge of maintaining a road. Depending on the roadway, a city, county, state, or even federal department will manage its upkeep. A expert personal injury lawyer can also help you figure out who holds blame over the road on which you crashed.

Different Types of Road Problems Change Blame

The Seattle department of transportation which is in charge of the roads is not the only factor that can change blame. The type of road conditions will also alter blame. Different agencies are in charge of fixing different types of problems.

For example, state funds fix issues like potholes and crumbling portions of asphalt. If such issues are not taken care of, a state-level agency may be liable for any resulting accidents. On the other hand, temporary problems are something that city or county agencies have to clear up. Black ice, fallen tree branches, and mudslides, for example, may place blame onto a lower district.

Also, any information about your crash is crucial to determining what agency should answer for your damages. If you have any evidence for your claim, pass it along to your accident lawyer.

In situations like this it is important to have an attorney on your side.  We will help you figure out which government agency is responsible for your injuries.  We at Premier Law Group will fight to get you full and fair compensation.

Third-Party Responsibilities to Consider

Furthermore, work to clean up or repair an unsafe roadway may be given to a third-party company. For example, a local tree service company might be on the job to remove fallen branches from a local avenue. If that company fails to perform its job expectations, and a crash results, then blame could be partially or fully on that company. Not the government agency that contracted them.

Suing the Government is Never Easy

Experienced auto accident lawyers in Seattle Federal Way Renton and BellevueBringing a claim or lawsuit against a government agency is rarely simple. In some districts, it might even be impossible. Additionally, government agencies are often shielded from lawsuits. This form of legal immunity is meant to keep the government from being slowed by an influx of lawsuits.

In such a case, you may have to file an administrative claim against the liable government agency also. As with any sort of legal process, you should proceed with an experienced attorney as well. It is also important for such claims to have a lawyer who can fight for you. They also need to be aware of local laws and rules, which can change how you can proceed with your claim.

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