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Many accidents can lead to a serious facial injury or trauma to the face. However your injury accident was caused, it’s important to protect your legal rights. A facial injury could have victims suffering for years, decades, or even the rest of their lives. The treatment alone for injuries to a person’s face is often expensive. Additionally, the costs of long-term medical care or plastic surgery can threaten an injured victim’s finances in the long run as well.

However, hiring a personal injury attorney can help injury victims.  They can help to recover full and fair compensation for any injuries.  They can help get payment for medical bills, lost wages, and future treatment as well. The experienced Seattle personal injury attorneys at Premier Law Group have represented victims involved in many types of accidents. They can also help you learn more about your legal rights and options.

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Common Types of Facial Injuries

Facial injuries are some of the more serious injuries seen in accident victims. Trauma from these injuries can also result in permanent scarring and disfigurement.  These injuries can require multiple surgeries, scar revision treatments or prosthetics. Many victims also suffer from a lasting or permanent change in their looks. Common facial injuries include:

Such injuries can also permanently alter vision and speech of victims. That is why it is very important to get the proper treatment for facial injuries. Treatment for these injuries can include emergency care, acute treatment, long-term repair, physical therapy, or custom prosthetics. It is also important to find doctors and surgeons who are well-trained in the treatment needed for such injuries. However, these treatments can be quite costly.

Depending on how severe the injuries are, you may need multiple surgeries, stitches, repair procedures, scar reduction, or skin grafts. Severe face injuries may also need pins or plates to be inserted to stabilize the bones of the face.

Causes of Facial Injuries

There are many ways in which a facial injury can occur. They may be the result of the following.

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Facial Injuries from a Dog Bite

When a dog attacks, it is common for victims to suffer injuries around the face and neck area. These are some of the most at risk parts of the body. They are typically the most traumatic injuries resulting from a dog bite attack as well.  Dogs often target the face, which can scar easily and is also quite visible to others. This makes it perhaps one of the most physically and emotionally devastating injuries someone can suffer following a dog attack.

Furthermore, in addition to the physical pain, dog bite victims with facial injuries often deal with reminders of the attack. That emotional pain returns every time a victim looks in the mirror or meets someone in public. Any plastic surgery and resulting scars act as a lifelong reminder of the attack.

Emotional & Mental Impact of Facial Trauma

Injuries to the face can cause a great deal of emotional trauma as well. This can affect a person’s self confidence and their ability to socialize comfortably. Victims of facial trauma often need treatment for their mental state in addition to the physical treatment they receive for their injuries. The mental effect of an injury can be short-term or long-term as well, depending on the case and the victim’s personality.

Furthermore, common signs and symptoms of psychological trauma after a face injury include:

  • Mood swings: Victims of facial injuries may experience depression or feel anxious, angry, or irritable.
  • Social avoidance: Because of facial injuries, victims may withdraw from social situations, and even friends and family as well.
  • Lack of focus: A common effect of a facial injury is feeling numb or an overall lack of motivation.
  • Drug abuse: Traumatic experiences in general and the resulting treatment can also lead a victim to abuse drugs or alcohol. Painful facial injuries can result in a victim abusing painkillers as well.

Damages For Facial Injuries

Your personal injury attorney should be aware of all of the potential damages in your injury case. While some damages, such as medical bills, might be obvious, others are not. That’s why you need an experienced attorney, to help maximize your claim and put the most money back in your pocket.

Damages in a facial injury case can include the following.

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages and Earning Capacity
  • Loss of Essential Services
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of Affection or Consortium or Quality of Life
  • Property Damage
  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Seattle Personal Injury Lawyers at Premier Law Group

Best auto accident lawyers in Seattle Renton Bellevue and Federal WayVictims of a facial injury almost always need the help of an attorney to get the full and fair financial compensation they deserve. This assistance can also help pay for the specific treatment a victim may need.

The attorneys at Premier Law Group have experience working with victims who suffer from major injuries. We understand how to offer legal aid in a way that is sensitive to the special emotional needs of facial injury victims.

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