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At Premier Law Group, our Seattle truck accident lawyers are aggressive and attentive advocates for injured victims. We have the skills, knowledge, and tenacity to help you hold negligent trucking companies and their insurance carriers accountable under the law. The mission of our legal practice is to provide effective representation to individuals and families when they need it the most—not to protect the profit margins of large insurance companies. To speak directly to an experienced Washington truck accident lawyer, please call our Seattle law office today for a free, no obligation initial consultation. 

Why Do Truck Accidents Occur?

Commercial truck accidents can happen for a wide variety of different reasons. Indeed, these are among the most complex types of motor vehicle accident claims. Sorting out a crash may take a detailed investigation. Still, most trucking accident claims share one important fact in common: the crash could have been prevented had all parties taken adequate safety precautions. The leading causes of truck accidents in Washington are as follows:

  • Fatigued truck drivers;
  • Truck driver speeding;
  • Untrained or undertrained truckers;
  • Unsafe lane changes by truckers;
  • Intoxicated drivers;
  • Truck tire blowouts; 
  • Inadequate truck maintenance; 
  • Negligent loading of trailers; and
  • Negligent truck manufacturers.

If your truck accident was caused by the reckless or careless conduct of another party, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Do not assume that you are prevented from recovering compensation for your damages. Every truck accident should be investigated by an experienced professional. 

Who is Responsible for a Commercial Trucking Accident?

After a trucking accident, one of the challenges is ensuring that you have identified all possible defendants. Many different parties could potentially be responsible for a truck accident. The full scope of negligence that contributed to the crash is not always obvious in the immediate aftermath. You may be able to bring a truck accident claim against any of the following defendants:

  • The truck driver;
  • The driver’s employer;
  • The trucking company;
  • The company that leased the truck; 
  • Truck manufacturers; and
  • Third party motorists. 

Financial Compensation for a Trucking Accident

Once liability is clear, trucking companies and their insurers re-focus their tactics towards limiting the value of settlement offers/trial verdicts. To recover the full financial compensation that you justly deserve under Washington law, your damages must be well-documented and you must be ready to go up against the insurance company. At Premier Law Group, our Seattle truck accident lawyers have a long record of helping injury victims recover the full financial support that they deserve. You may be able to get compensation for: 

  • Emergency medical expenses;
  • Other medical/healthcare bills;
  • Rehabilitative services;
  • Lost wages;
  • Diminished earning capacity;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Permanent scarring;
  • Long-term disability; and
  • Wrongful death damages. 

How Our Seattle, WA Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help

It is normal to be confused and overwhelmed after a serious trucking accident. Our law firm is here as a resource to help you navigate the process. To start, we will tell you if you can benefit from hiring an attorney at all. There are some cases in which injured victims are able to handle the matter on their own. Still, if you or your loved one suffered a serious injury, you need an experienced Seattle trucking accident attorney on your side. We are ready to take immediate action to hold companies accountable and help you recover the maximum available financial compensation. Among other things, our legal team will:

  • Conduct a no fee, no obligation review of your truck accident claim;
  • Answer your questions and explain your legal options;
  • Investigate the truck crash—compiling the evidence needed to prove liability, including the truck’s black box record data and other records held by the company;
  • Collect your medical records;
  • Handle all correspondence with the insurance company; and
  • Communicate effectively, ensuring that you always know exactly what is happening with your truck accident claim. 

Our law firm is committed to providing personalized representation to truck accident victims. Although most commercial truck accident claims reach settlement, our law firm has deep experience with personal injury litigation. We are prepared to take your case wherever it needs to go to get you the full financial support that you deserve. 

Call Our Seattle Truck Accident Lawyers Today

At Premier Law Group, our Seattle truck accident attorneys have the skills, training, and tenacity to go up against large trucking companies and their insurers. If you or your loved one was injured in a trucking accident, we are here to help. To set up a free, no obligation personal injury case evaluation, please contact us today at (206) 285-1743. We advocate for the rights and interests of injured truck accident victims in Seattle and throughout King County.