I was injured in an accident, and now I’ve been asked to attend the trial of the other person.

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Do You Have to Discuss Your Personal Injury Case?

Video Transcript

There are two separate and distinct areas of the law that can often intersect in a personal injury case. We have the civil side and the criminal side.

In the civil side, we make a claim or bring a lawsuit against the person that caused the accident and we’re seeking damages or financial compensation for the injured victim. The criminal side is where the city or the state or the county brings either criminal charges or traffic citation charges against the person that caused the accident.

personal injury case at trial courtroomIf you’re subpoenaed to testify in someone’s criminal trial by the prosecutor, you have to comply with that subpoena and testify. You go and you tell them what you know about the accident. Now, if you’re asked any questions about your injuries it’s a good idea to tell the prosecutor and the judge that you have an ongoing personal injury case. Mention that your lawyer told you that it’s not appropriate to discuss those matters at the criminal trial.

Our car accident attorneys have many years of experience fighting insurance companies to gain fair settlements. If we need to fight for you in court, we are experts there, too. If you have been injured because of another driver’s mistake, you deserve to be made whole – and Premier Law Group will fight with you and for you to see that justice is served.