Pelvis Injuries

While a fractured pelvis may not be the first injury that comes to mind when you think of auto accidents, they do happen, and can result in very high medical bills. I have had the experience of representing a woman who had to undergo pelvis surgery as a result of a rear-end car accident. This is one of the most painful types of injuries that can occur in an auto accident, and can completely alter the lifestyle of someone who suffers it. Mobility may be seriously hindered due to the importance of the pelvis in daily activities, such as walking, running and biking.

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The pelvis consists of three bones that are connected by strong connective tissue to a triangular bone at the base of the spine. It links the upper torso with the lower body and legs, which makes it one of the most important bones in terms of mobility. Something as simple as slipping and falling can cause a pelvic injury, but can be life-threatening when fractured or broken in a high speed auto accident. The most dangerous and life-threatening injuries to the pelvis, however, happen in high impact situations like serious auto accidents. The direction and force of the collision can help determine the nature of the injury.

Severely fracturing the pelvis is a very painful experience. Immediate signs of a fracture include swelling and bruising in the pelvic region. The vast majority of pelvic injuries occur when there is trauma to the front of the body, so it is likely that the chest and abdomen region will hurt as well. It is very important that anyone who experiences these symptoms after an accident seeks immediate medical attention. An x-ray can determine the extent of the damage, and which bones in particular were injured. By seeing the internal damage that the accident caused, the doctor can better determine what to do to fix the injury. The overwhelming majority of pelvic fractures caused by car accidents will require some form of surgery. Walking with a limp after a surgery of this magnitude is pretty common, but if the injury is treated quickly after it occurs, then the recovery period will be much faster.