Tips and Tricks that everyone should do before going on a Road Trip

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Summer is almost here which means, time for road trips! Are you ready? You will need an auto emergency kit and some extra supplies for yourself and your family, just in case. Don’t forget entertainment for the long roads ahead. Take a look at a map of your trip ahead of time and plan out your route. Read our article to brush up on some tips and tricks for staying safe out there.   

Car Kit

An auto emergency kit can help you through car meltdowns. Be it for your own vehicle or another driver on the road, the following items should be kept in your car: jumper cables, tire iron ( be sure it fits the lug nuts on your car) , jack ( make sure you know how to use it), tire chalks, spare tire,  gas can with extra gas, road flares or other bright reflective gear ( for accidents or changing a flat tire), tire pressure gauge, oil funnel, leather work gloves, duct tape, and bungee cords or rope. This kit can help you work through flat tires, dead batteries, and other issues on the road.

Before you begin your trip it is also important that you take your car in for routine maintenance. Make sure the oil is changed, radiator is in good condition, and tires are rotated and filled to the correct air pressure. Our attorneys also recommend storing a note pad and pencils. You may need to write down important information on the road.

First Aid and Supplies

One of the most important parts of the road trip is you and your family or friends! It is best to bring along supplies to make sure all of you are comfortable. A good first aid kit is a must and should include medication for adults and children if you are bringing them. You will want to include allergy medicine and bug bite cream to deal with allergic reactions to plants and insects.  Waterproof, high SPF sunscreen is recommended as well.

Remember to bring plenty of water!  Staying hydrated will keep you alert on the road and will help you survive the heat. Snacks are a must. Foods that do not require refrigeration are good, like energy bars, nuts, or dried fruit. For the cold nights you will want to bring a space blanket or two. Depending on where your road trip takes you, it can be very warm during the day and cold at night. You might like to spend some time outside at night watching the stars!


Entertainment is key especially when traveling with kids. Our personal injury attorney, Jason Epstein, has a few tips. Bring a tablet for each child with media downloaded to it. You may not have wifi or access to data as reception can vary depending on location. Games, movies, and music will work, too. You may want to bring a handheld game, like a Nintendo DS and plenty of games old fashioned games as well. Always bring a car charger and plenty or cords for your electronic items. The party could be over if your device runs out of power. Bring your kids favorite soft toys as well. Back seats are great stages for puppet shows.

For yourself, we recommend making a road trip playlist ahead of time. You can listen to your favorite tunes while you make great new memories. Podcasts or books on tape are a life saver too.

kids playing car accident attorney Jason EpsteinGame Plan

Know your route head of time and stay alert. GPS could stop working on your phone. Always bring a road atlas along. It is a fun family project to read the map ahead of time together. Let your kids pick out cool places they see on the map, like mountains or ancient ruins. Tell someone you trust where you are going, too. Summer adventures are fun and sometimes unexpected detours happen.  Make a list of where you want to stop along your trip, admissions fees, and hours. If you are hiking, read trail reports. If you have friends in the areas you are road tripping to, ask them what they like to do. Locals are a great resource for fun stops.


We would like to know your road trip tips. What would you bring along? Please leave a comment below. Have fun and travel safe!

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