$1.05 million was recovered for a surveyor who was run over by a car when the driver fell asleep at the wheel

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MT, a surveyor for a large construction company, was gathering equipment from his work van. At the very last second, MT saw a pickup truck speeding toward him and could not move out of the way in time. The pickup truck ran MT over and he was dragged approximately 20 feet.

The driver of the pickup truck had fallen asleep at the wheel due to taking pain medication that was not prescribed to him. MT was immediately rushed to the hospital and had a two-level lumbar fusion performed the next day. MT was unable to go back to work at his old position because of his injury and new physical limitations. New job training was required.

The minimal insurance limits of the at-fault driver was recovered as well as the insurance policy limit for the company van that MT was using at the time of the accident resulting in a total recovery of $1.05 million for MT.

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