$250,000 for a man with permanent wrist damage

| Case Results

Kirk Taylor was traveling in lane 2 Eastbound SR 18 just south of SR 164 in Auburn,
King County, Washington. At or around the same time, Defendant Plaisted was traveling in lane
1 Eastbound SR 18 just south of SR 164 in Auburn. Defendant Plaisted merged left and collided
with the front right side of Mr. Taylor’s vehicle.
Immediately following the collision, Mr. Taylor presented to Auburn Medical Center
Emergency Department complaining of left wrist pain. Kirk believed that he had his left thumb
hooked around steering wheel and the sideswipe motion caused the wheel to spin rapidly
ultimately catching his left hand. While Mr. Taylor did note a previous history of tingling in his
finger, he reported it was more tingly than usual. An X-ray of his left wrist was completed. The
X-ray revealed Interval splinting of L wrist fracture 0 dislocation with partial reduction of the
radoiocarpal dislocation. Upon examination, Kirk was diagnosed with Radoiocarpal joint
dislocation, closed, and distal radius fracture, left. Mr. Taylor underwent his first surgery.
Within a week of the collision, Mr. Taylor underwent a post-operation X-ray of his left
wrist at Cascade Orthopedics. Mr. Taylor noted that his numbness had improved but not yet
resolved. During his physical examination, his doctor noted he had a short arc of wrist motion.
In review of the radiographs, it was noted that there was some loss of fixation of the volar ulnar
fragment and some subluxation in the carpus. Based on the urgency, Mr. Taylor was scheduled
for the following week. On August 17, 2022, Mr. Taylor underwent a backup fixation with a
spanning plate.
On September 9, 2022, he returned for his one-month post-operation follow-up. Kirk
reported some episodes of numbness and swelling in his hands. Upon review of his X-rays, it
was noted that his hardware was in place and the joint was congruent. It was recommended that
he return in three weeks. His spanning plate was later removed, and Kirk completed his post op
follow-ups approximately three months later. Unfortunately, Kirk suffered from permanent wrist
In advance of trial, our office made a policy limit demand to the insurance company for
the Defendant in the amount of $250,000. This was accepted and Kirk’s case settled.