Patrick’s Testimonials

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What Are Former Clients Saying About Patrick Kang?

– Darlene G., Federal Way, WA


“Patrick defies the expectations of a lawyer. He is ethical, kind and very personable. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. Patrick always gave me his honest opinion of my case, even if it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear. While my case was a smaller case, I always felt like Patrick handled it like it was the only case he had on his desk. I would choose Patrick again in a heart beat for any of my legal needs.”

– Stephanie B., Snohomish, WA


“I am very happy with the service Patrick Kang and his team have offered. Patrick is good at what he does and I had a very stress-free case that ended in a settlement I was very satisfied with.”

– Jennifer K., Lake Stevens, WA


“I highly recommend Patrick Kang to anyone dealing with a discrimination case. When I first met Patrick, he probably thought I was a little nuts because I was so distraught about my pregnancy and return to work. My former employer did not honor my maternity leave and I did not get my job back. Patrick stood by me for two years handling my case. He always listened and didn’t judge me. I am very thankful that his skills as an attorney allowed him to uncover details that made my case strong. Patrick was very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I was never in the dark. Anytime I called and had questions Patrick responded quickly. He worked very hard representing me and I am very happy with the outcome.”

– Brianne B., Woodinville, WA


“There is so much I could say about Patrick Kang because he was such an inspiration to me and my family, not only as a lawyer, but also as an individual. But, I am only going to talk about Patrick as a lawyer because of my limited space. In 2005 a taxi hit my vehicle and my children and I were injured. We hired an attorney (someone other than Patrick) to try to get my medical bills paid. We went to arbitration and lost. I was devastated because I felt “injustice” was done. Then our attorney stopped representing us and I had to find a new attorney to handle the appeal. After unsuccessfully calling several lawyers, I called Patrick’s office. He met with me even though he knew that I had another lawyer who lost at the arbitration level. Out of the several lawyers I called, Patrick was the only one willing to hear my story. He agreed to take on my case, knowing that our chances were slim. Patrick Kang spent hours and hours on my case even though my case was small car accident. I still remember his words to me, ‘No matter how small or large a case is, I always try to do my best and give it my all on each case I take on.’ When the insurance company for the cab refused to settle we went to trial. Patrick met with me several times before trial to help me be prepared. He met with me several times outside of his normal business hours since I didn’t have time during normal business hours. Even though I was very nervous about the trial, Patrick taught me techniques to overcome my fears, so that I could be relaxed when testifying. Throughout the many months, until the trial, Patrick kept me informed at all times. I did not just receive formal letters, he personally contacted me and met with me to explain what was going on and the work he had done on the case. Fortunately for us, we won at trial. The verdict was significantly more than what we offered the insurance company to settle before trial. Patrick was very well prepared at trial and it was obvious that he knew what he was doing. The lawyer representing the cab company was a lot older than Patrick, but Patrick was as good or better than the high profile defense lawyer. Patrick was quick on his feet asking questions to the witness and answering the judge’s questions. Thanks to Patrick’s foundational belief in the legal system and justice and fighting for what he believed was right, we won. Patrick was very professional, kindhearted, easy-going, ambitious, and driven. It was admirable to see. He was easily approachable and helped me obtain justice. For anyone thinking of hiring a lawyer, I would highly recommend Patrick Kang of Premier Law Group because he has the qualities to win a tough case.”

– Andrea H., Seattle, WA


“When I first met Patrick Kang of Premier Law Group, I was stressed out because my employer was not paying me my wages and I was not sure what I could do about it. I had never talked with a lawyer before and didn’t know what to expect; however, I am glad I selected Patrick. After talking with him, I understood the law and my situation much better. We had a plan for my wage case and he gave me the pros and cons of various options. Patrick was straightforward about my case without over or under promising the possible outcomes. He took the time to learn the complicated chain of events. Patrick did a wonderful job. I felt that Patrick was knowledgeable about wage and employment law. He explained what his plan was and also the reasons behind his plan…. Patrick was always prompt about returning my calls and emails. He always kept me informed of any changes in my case. He helped me achieve the results I was hoping for. I would recommend Patrick to anyone needing an attorney. He is hard working, personable, friendly, and has patience for his clients who are in a stressful point in their life. He really understands wage and employment law and was ready to help.”

– Brian K., Sammamish, WA


“I contacted Patrick Kang because my employer refused to pay me my wages because they claimed that I stole some products from our store. Even though I didn’t steal anything, my employer fired me and was going to keep my money to pay for the missing items. Patrick agreed to represent me even though the amount of money owed to me wasn’t that much. He was also able to get my former boss to pay for his time so I didn’t have to pay him. I think anyone that needs a lawyer should contact Patrick. He knows what he is doing and he was very friendly and easy to talk to.”

– Mari B., Federal Way, WA


“Our car accident wasn’t anything significant. We were rear-ended and we had some neck and back pain. We received treatment for a few months and then filed a claim with our insurance company. But the insurance company refused to pay the medical expenses, telling us that we needed to file our claim against the insurance company of the driver who hit us. We hired Patrick Kang, hoping he could help us get at least our medical expenses paid, but thought it was probably a lost cause because the other driver didn’t have insurance. We had to sue our own insurance company to try get them to pay the claim. Only after the lawsuit was filed did we find out that our insurance company refused to pay because they thought we weren’t really injured. They even did some type of investigation on us. Several months after the lawsuit was filed, Patrick called us and told us that our insurance company wanted to try to settle the case. We went to mediation and the case settled. Not only did they pay our medical expenses, but they also paid additional money for our pain and suffering and for violating insurance law for refusing to provide coverage at the outset. We received almost a $100,000. Patrick did a wonderful job representing us. He was very knowledgeable about insurance law and personal injury. We are so grateful he represented us. We would highly recommend him if anyone is looking for an attorney in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Thanks for the hard work and excellent result!!!”

– Andrew A., Tacoma, WA


“I am so thankful that Patrick agreed to take on my race discrimination and retaliation case against my former employer. I don’t know what my family and I would have done without his help. It all began when the general manager of my company made repeated racial comments about me to my co-workers. Some occurred in front of me and others my co-workers told me about. Because I thought such comments were inappropriate, I filed a complaint with human resources. I was assured that the manager’s conduct would not be repeated. But as soon as I complained, I was treated differently by the manager. During Christmas, every other sales person received a bonus except me, even though I had good performance reviews and my sales were better than a lot of my co-workers. It was quite embarrassing for me and my wife to be at the party and be the only one not handed an envelope with the bonus. A couple weeks later, my manager fired me because he claimed one of my customers returned their order even though it was common practice in our industry for a customer to return their orders. We filed our discrimination and retaliation lawsuit in Seattle. Before we filed the lawsuit Patrick explained the entire process and answered every question I had. He knew discrimination law and was very honest and upfront about these types of cases. He was returned my calls quickly. He kept me informed throughout the case. We reached a settlement to my satisfaction. I highly recommend Patrick to anyone looking for a discrimination lawyer.”

– Dennis K., Bainbridge, WA