Our Backpack Meals program is ready for 2017

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After Personal Injury Attorney Jason Epstein from Premier Law Group discovered that his children had approximately 20 schoolmates who were homeless and often hungry over the weekend, he decided he had to do something to help. “No kids should be hungry, I prepared these bags with various healthy items they could eat and prepare on their own without the help of an adult.” – Jason Epstein

Since October 2016, the Premier Law Group team has prepared 22 backpacks every week for these local homeless children that are full of food that is child-friendly, nutritious, nonperishable and easy to eat.

Our team continues this effort in January 2017

A successful program 

“Maplewood Heights students are so grateful to receive weekend food in the Backpack program started this year by Premier Law Group.  Staff have noticed children picking up their blue backpack with delight and anticipation.  Students start asking half way though the week, “Do I get my backpack today?”  One student reported sharing his goodies with his brother.  Another student was very worried, “We don’t come to school this Friday.  Will I still get a backpack?”  We try to keep the recipients confidential but the children are beaming and are excited about the contents of their backpack so it is difficult to keep this secret.  Thank you for providing much needed weekend nutrition for Maplewood kids, Premier Law Group!”
Mary-Jane Wyeth –  School Counselor

“YOU want to get involved? Please give us a call at our Bellevue office or send us an email”


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