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Pedestrians have the right-of-way in crosswalks, but you wouldn’t always know that by the way drivers behave. Distracted drivers cause collisions, and when a pedestrian is involved, the impact can be devastating. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, Premier Law Group’s expert attorneys can help you receive the compensation you’ll need to recover as fully as possible from your injuries.

Pedestrian Accidents in Washington State Are Rising…

The only real statistic that matters when you are in an accident is YOURS. But for context, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation, in 2014 in Washington State:

      In the first six months of 2015 alone

  • 41 pedestrians were killed in Washington – a 28% increase from the same period in 2014
  • 15% of motorists who hit a pedestrian had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit
  • Pedestrian fatalities accounted for 15% of all traffic deaths

Source: Seattle Times

…and Drivers Are Usually Responsible

Your mom was right – you need to:

  • Look both ways before you cross the street.
  • Use a crosswalk when one is available.
  • Walk on the sidewalk or walk facing traffic if there is no sidewalk.
  • Plus, wearing light or reflective clothing, especially at night, is smart.

But most pedestrians do these things, so why are pedestrian accidents increasing? There are many factors, but most rest with the driver. Drivers don’t pay enough attention to pedestrians around them, and the consequences can be devastating, with disabling injuries for the pedestrian that can last a lifetime. When a person is hit by a car, the person loses, every time.

Premier Law Group: Your Best Choice for a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in and around Seattle, WA

If you weren’t in a crosswalk? Drivers are still responsible for “exercising due care” to avoid a collision with a pedestrian. Texting or talking on your cell phone, driving while under the influence, speeding…these are all factors that can indicate a driver was negligent in exercising due care – and therefore responsible for your accident. But to recover appropriate damages from an insurance company, it helps to have an expert on your side! Premier Law Group specializes in personal injury cases. Our lawyers specialized in Pedestrian Accidents understand the tactics insurance companies will use to try to avoid taking responsibility – and we won’t put up with that! Whether your pedestrian accident happened in Seattle, Bellevue, Federal Way, Renton or one of the surrounding areas, we can help.

Premier Law Group’s experienced attorneys have handled many pedestrian accident cases, and we know how stressful it can be to fight for compensation while you are fighting to recover from serious injuries. Being hit by a car is one of the worst experiences of your life, and you are not merely “the next case” for us. Our goal is to treat you with care and respect, and get you the maximum compensation with the minimum of hassle. Let Premier Law Group handle the insurance company after a pedestrian accident – while you focus on your recovery.

Talk to Us – You Might Not Need a Lawyer

If you have been hit by a car, and the driver of the car is clearly responsible, you might be wondering, “Do I really need a lawyer?” Most lawyers will automatically tell you “yes,” but Premier Law Group is different. The honest answer is that sometimes, you DON’T need a lawyer when you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident. If the driver’s insurance company admits fault, and if your injuries were not severe and are fully healed, then you might have no problem settling your case on your own. But give us a call first – it’s free – and we can help you decide for sure.

Our Teams are the Experts When You Do Need an Attorney


You DO need a lawyer if:

  • The driver’s insurance company disputes who was at fault
  • The insurance company is pressuring you in any way to settle quickly or for an amount lower than you deserve
  • Your injuries are severe and the effects will be permanently disabling in any capacity
  • You will have ongoing expenses for medical bills or time lost from work
  • You decide not to settle and intend to sue in court

Premier Law Group attorneys are experts in pedestrian accident cases, and we can help you figure out whether you’ll need our help in resolving your case. When we do get involved, in most cases we are able to get you the FULL and FAIR compensation you deserve WITHOUT going to court – which saves you time and hassle. But, if we do go to court, we’ll lead the fight to protect your rights. Either way, we’ll help you by:

  • Coordinating between your healthcare providers and the insurance company to make sure all reports are provided in a timely manner
  • Work with police, witnesses and others to conduct a complete investigation that will document the driver’s responsibility for the accident
  • Fully document your injuries and the impact they have on you both personally and professionally to ensure you receive the maximum compensation.

We Can’t Turn Back the Clock

No amount of money can replace the loss you suffer when you are hit by a car. The physical pain, emotional suffering and lasting consequences are something no one would wish for. But your attorneys at Premier Law Group CAN ensure that the responsible parties – the driver who hit you and their insurance company – pay for the damage that has been done. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident in Seattle, Bellevue, Federal Way, Vancouver or anyplace nearby, the next step is to call us at 425-531-7284 for a case evaluation. We’ll help you figure out whether you need a lawyer and what will happen next. The call is free. In fact, if we do handle your case, you’ll pay absolutely no legal fees unless we win.

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