What is an Employment Contract?

Employment contracts can be good for employees and employers. They can provide job security and transparency between parties. But they can also contain many dangers for employees who sign a contract and they haven’t carefully read the fine print.

Having an experienced Seattle employment lawyer to review your employment contract is invaluable. An attorney can point out pitfalls and potential issues that could harm your salary and career.

What Should You Look for Before Signing an Employment Contract?

Termination clause: The most valuable part of an employment contract for an employee is how termination procedures are handled. A contract may state that you are guaranteed employment for three years, but the fine print could say that you could be fired for failure to perform — and then not define what failure to perform means. It’s also important to know what severance package is coming in the event of termination.

Compensation: It is important that salary and benefits be detailed. Some contracts may state that a Seattle employer can change salary and benefits at whim. You could find yourself taking large salary cuts, seeing your benefits changed, or being relocated to a remote region. It is very important that compensation and benefits are detailed and transparent in the employment contract.

Escape clause: Making sure you have an option to exit a company without problems is important. Many employment contracts today come with non-compete clauses, and these should be read very carefully. If leaving your industry for a year or two when you quit your job is not an option, try to renegotiate this part of the contract and if your prospective employer won’t budge, you may consider passing on the job.

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