Chad Dublin Wins Our 2020 Distracted Driving Scholarship!

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At Premier Law Group, we believe in making the world a better place. That’s one of the reasons why we host several community campaigns. One of our community campaigns is a Distracted Driving Scholarship.

The Premier Law Group Distracted Driving Scholarship is available to high school seniors and college freshman from the state of Washington. We give $1,000 to the person who uses an infographic or video to best explain the dangers of distracted driving to teens.

The 2020 Distracted Driving Scholarship

Chad D-winner of 2020 Distracted Driving ScholarshipAfter reviewing lots of great submissions, we are pleased to announce the winner of our 2020 Distracted Driving Scholarship. Congratulations to Chad Dublin! Chad did an excellent job of using video to explain the dangers of distracted driving to teens.

In his video, Chad illustrates that distracted driving among teens is a national issue. Behavior like in-vehicle conversation, cell phone calls, text messaging, changing music, and trying to eat or drink while driving is causing an increasing number of road accidents.

Chad’s 2020 Distracted Driving Scholarship Video

Chad shows that there are three main types of distracted driving: cognitive, visual, and manual. Examples of cognitive distracted driving include having a conversation in the vehicle or talking on the phone. It means that the driver is thinking about something other than driving. Visual distracted driving is when the driver doesn’t have their eyes on the road at all times. Examples of visual distracted driving include setting a GPS, scrolling through music options, and looking at pretty scenery. Manual distracted driving is when a driver’s body is busy doing anything other than driving like adjusting a seat belt, eating, and drinking.

Chad points out an important fact: texting while driving involves all three types of distracted driving! That’s why it’s so dangerous. It’s interesting that in the last four decades, deaths on the road have decreased significantly. However, since 2016, we’ve seen a significant upswing in deaths on the road. These deaths are due to distracting driving.

Thank you, Chad, for sharing this valuable information and making such a creative video about distracted driving! We are more than happy to award you the 2020 Distracted Driving Scholarship of $1,000. We are going to update this page soon to display Chad’s video… Stay tuned!

Chad wanted to share a few words about winning the 2020 Distracted Driving Scholarship. Stay tuned for another video of Chad explaining why participating in this scholarship campaign was important to him.

Premier Law Group Gives Back

There are a few other ways in which Premier Law Group gives back to our communities. For example, personal injury attorney Jason Epstein founded a non-profit organization called Teens Against Distracted Driving, the purpose of which is to raise awareness among teenagers about the dangers of texting while driving. There are several ways to get involved with this mission. Click here to learn more.

We also give back to our communities by educating people about their legal options. Our attorneys have written over 10 books in easy-to-understand language about a variety of legal topics. We give them away for free to help people understand their legal situations and what to do about them. Click here to browse our library of free books and guides.

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