Distracted Driving Scholarship

Premier Law Group is excited to announce its new scholarship, The Distracted Driving Scholarship that is available for high school seniors and college freshman from the state of Washington.

Distracted driving among teens is a national issue and with increased distractions like cell phone calls, text messages, talking with friends, changing music, or even trying to eat or drink something, more and more people are being injured because of the negligence of a distracted driver.

Some brief notes about the Distracted Driving Scholarship are:

  • Scholarship MUST be submitted by 05/31/20, no exceptions.
  • MUST have a minimum 3.0 GPA to apply.
  • MUST be a resident of the state of Washington.
  • This is a 1-time scholarship for $1,000.
  • MUST submit an infographic or vlog talking about or showing the dangers of driving while distracted.
  • A winner will be has been announced on July, 20 2020.

Premier Law Group would like to offer a $1,000 scholarship to the person who best exemplifies the dangers of driving while distracted. You will need to put together an infographic or create your own vlog talking about or showing the dangers of distracted driving among teenagers. For information on distracted driving, you can visit Teens Against Distracted Driving.

UPDATE: We Have A Winner!

Chad D. has been chosen as the winner of the PLG Distracted Driving Scholarship 2020. More about our winner soon, but for now here’s Chad and his winning video entry. Congratulations, Chad!

Chad D.
Chad D.


Winning video entry