Should I Have My Attorney Attend My Doctor Appointments?

| Personal Injury

In which case would I want to have my attorney attend my doctor appointments?


Video Transcript

I don’t believe that your attorney should have anything to do with your medical care or treatment. I wouldn’t want an attorney to go to your doctor’s appointments any more than I would want your doctor to come to your attorney meetings. 

should attorney attend my doctor appointmentsNow with that said, there is one time when an attorney should go with you to an appointment or at least send a representative on their behalf, and that’s when you’re required to go to an Independent Medical Examination by an insurance company. 
In those instances, typically we will send someone from our office to go to that appointment with you, but that’s because that person is not there to treat you for your injuries and to help you get better. They’re actually working for the insurance company to try and prove you’re not injured. 

One of the things that I see again and again and again is lawyers sending people to certain doctors. That’s something that I would avoid at all costs. The insurance companies know about that. They know when certain lawyers and certain doctors show up again and again on cases, and they use that information to try and lowball a settlement.