Motorcycle Safety Tips Riding in the Rain

This infographic gives different tips for motorcycle driver about how to drive in the rain.

>> Pre-Riding Tips
1. Brakes. Check to make sure they are working correctly.
2. Oil and Fuel. Make sure you have plenty of fluids.
3. Check Tires. Make sure they have plenty of air.
4. Lights. Ensure all lights are working for full visibility.

>> Pre-Riding Tips
1. Plan your Trip. Map your route before you take the trip.
2. Wear Waterproof Gear. Prepare for the weather and wear appropriate clothing.
3. Reduced Speeds. Avoid sudden braking. It may cause you to skid.
4. Stay Visible. Wear brightly colored accessories to stand out.

>> Cautions
1. Beware of Puddles. Watch for puddles. They can cause your bike to skid.
2. Slow Down. Watching your speed is most important when it comes to driving in the rain.
3. Increase Braking Distance. Give plenty of room for yourself on wet surfaces.
4. Avoid Debris. Make sure not to go over trash or debris on the road.

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