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A lot of college students experience frustration when it comes to applying for financial aid. The forms are long and tedious and sometimes the payout is less than satisfactory. Especially for those in the middle class, who aren’t quite qualified for big payouts, but whose families take a notable financial blow when sending their kids to school. Rachelle Sharpe, who works with the Washington Student Achievement Council as director of student financial assistance, says that there is little money to go around. Funding for financial aid has dropped as a result of the recession.

Now, students in Washington State could be under the threat of more competition for those dollars. House Bill 1817 would grant some young immigrants access to financial aid. These immigrants, according to The News Tribune, are those who “came to the United States before their 16th birthday, have continuously resided here since Jun. 15, 2007, and don’t have significant criminal history.” They would be eligible to apply for State Need Grant money if the bill is approved in the House.

Representative Bruce Chandler of the 15th District said, “I think any student that graduates through our public school system should be treated the same.” What is your take on granting immigrant students financial aid?