Young advocate for teen text free driving!

It is comforting to know that there are other people in the community beside ourselves, that support teen driving safety and text free driving. When Kara asked us to publish her video about the deadliness of texting and driving, of course we said a big YES!

Kara is a Junior at Madonna University in Livonia Michigan. She majors in Broadcast and Cinema Arts, with a minor in Marketing. She created this video for her Field Production and Editing class. Her assignment was to create a Public Service Announcement. Kara was the casting agent, script writer, director, producer and editor! In her own words, “I chose texting and driving because recently my parents were involved in a car accident that was due to another person texting and driving. I see too many people, of all ages, driving erratically while using a phone or other devices. I feel that many accidents involve distracted driving. I want to help prevent distracted driving because I believe it will keep the roads safer and in turn save lives. “

Thank you Kara for being a strong young advocate for teen text free driving!

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