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It’s easy to point fingers when it comes to something like texting and driving. We find it simple to just blame “teenagers these days”, as it seems their heads are almost always buried in their fancy phones, their fingers practically glued to keyboards. But a new AT&T study reveals that teenagers are not the guiltiest party here.

A whopping 98% of adults admitted to knowing that texting or e-mailing while driving unsafe. Does that stop them, though? Apparently not. Nearly half of adults surveyed admitted to texting while driving. Another survey, conducted by Safe Kids Worldwide, uncovered some more startling facts. 78% of mothers with children under two in their cars admitted that they talk on the phone when behind the wheel. 26% said that they would text or check their e-mail as well. Talk about scary!

You would think that with 39 states as well as DC banning texting for all drivers, numbers would be falling. But they’re not. People know that it’s illegal, but it’s a sad risk they are willing to take. People who admit to texting and driving say that it helps them maintain a feeling of productivity and connectivity. But before you reply to that text while in the driver’s seat, keep in mind, you can’t feel productive or connected from a casket.

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