Jason’s Testimonials

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What Are Former Clients Saying About Jason Epstein?

– Karen S., Monroe, WA


– Sarah, Seattle, WA


– Reese, Bellevue, WA


– Timera, Bonney Lake, WA


– Devon, Des Moines, WA


– Debbie, Lakewood, WA

“I recommend anyone who was injured in a car accident to use Jason Epstien. He and his awesome legal staff relieved me of my worries and the stress of dealing with the insurance company so I could focus on my recovery. All of my questions, phone calls and concerns were promptly addressed in a professional and caring manner. Mr. Epstien has proven to me that there is an honest, trustworthy, and competent attorney here right in Washington. You will not be disappointed. He and his team are the best. Thank you very much Premier Law Group.”

– Paul, Seattle, WA


“Jason, I cannot thank you enough for your help on my auto accident case. I am very satisfied with the work you did on my behalf and I couldn’t imagine better legal representation. I have learned a lot about the legal process and want to thank you for your patience in explaining all the details… Mostly, thank you for taking my case and helping me through a rough time. I hope that I never experience another serious accident, but if I am in need of legal services, you will be the first one I call. Thank you again, and give a big thanks to Danielle and your staff.”

– Roberta, WA


“All of the attorneys at Premier Law Group listened to what I needed. I have been working with this firm for a few years and they have handled multiple auto accidents for me and everything with my cases went exactly as I expected it to. I have worked with other attorneys on separate matters and I always had to remind them of what I had previously said. I really liked working with Jason. He was very attentive and trustworthy. Patrick was very helpful and had a lot of good ideas and strategies for my case. He was very flexible when things changed and he was able to quickly adjust. The staff was very nice to work with and had really good ideas, and also communicated very well with me.”

– Jim, Port Ludlow, WA


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have done to help me. I feel like I have been blessed. I was lucky to have a chance to meet you and your staff, they are all so down to earth. I’m very happy with all of your hard work! Thank you!”

– Lisa, Seattle, WA


“I had contacted four lawyers prior to contacting Premier Law Group. The best decision I ever made was choosing Premier Law Group to represent me in a very difficult time! So far they have been honest, polite, knowledgeable and always assisted me when I had a question! If you are looking for a lawyer, stop looking. You won’t find a better lawyer than the lawyers at Premier Law Group. You won’t be disappointed!”

– Tammy B., Everett, WA


“I had never been injured in an auto accident before so I was concerned and unsure of what to do. I contacted Mr. Jason Epstein at Premier Law Group to help me with my injuries. From my first meeting with Mr. Epstein, I found him to be very knowledgeable and understanding. He answered all of my questions and eased my concerns with the process of filing my claim, which allowed me to focus on my recovery. Mr. Epstein was able to get me a fair settlement and I would recommend Premier Law Group to anyone who needs help with an auto accident.”

– Dana H, Issaquah, WA


“Jason at the Premier Law Group exceeded my expectations when he handled my accident. He always kept me up to date on how things were progressing and I was able to get the treatment I needed, and a fair settlement. Thanks, Jason!”

– Amy S., Seattle, WA


“I was referred to Jason Epstein, with high regard, by a coworker after an auto accident. All my stress was put to rest after my first meeting with Jason when he told me not to worry about anything but getting healed up, and to let him handle the rest. I was always informed promptly on any changes or updates in my case and was I always able to reach him on the phone if I had any questions. He is truly a good guy and I never felt like I was being talked down to. As for my case, he got me every penny I deserved and more. I would recommend his services without hesitation to friends or family, or to anyone in need of a ethical, honest, and hard working lawyer.”

– Justin T., Federal Way, WA


“About a year after I was involved in an auto accident, I contacted Jason Epstein, unsure of how I should be going about continuing treatment and pursuing a claim. Up until that point my treatment had been covered by my PIP, but I had exhausted my PIP limit. From the first moment I contacted Jason, he took a genuine interest in my wellbeing. With his knowledge and experience, he helped lay out a plan that kept my best interests in mind every step of the way. Throughout the entire process, Jason answered all my questions and concerns, was easy to talk to, and kept me updated. Jason’s expertise helped ensure I received a fair settlement. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone who was involved in an auto accident.”

– Kathryn W., Bellevue, WA


“Mr. Epstein represented me regarding a motor vehicle accident. I found him to be very eager to answer my questions and responsive to my telephone calls. He is very legally astute, and I feel he obtained for me the best outcome possible. I recommend him unreservedly.”

– Marlena D., Tacoma, WA


“I have worked with Jason and his team on a number of projects. They are both very creative and very responsive, which are two qualities you want in a Seattle car accident attorney. I also never have a problem getting an attorney on the phone, which as some of you know is impossible at other law firms.”

– Travis L., Denver, CO


“Jason, thank you so much for working so hard on my behalf.”

– Pamela B., Everett, WA


“Premier Law Group will take care of you like you are one of their own. I would recommend them to anyone seeking legal counsel.”

– Eva B., Seattle, WA


“I recently consulted with Jason Epstein on behalf of my child who was hit by a car while crossing the street. I don’t have a lot of experience with personal injury lawyers so I didn’t know what to expect. At our appointment I found a lovely office and super nice staff. Jason was so kind, intelligent and straightforward. He spent extra time with me to make sure that I understood everything to my satisfaction, and he also went above and beyond to help me with an additional insurance problem I didn’t know how to address. I would recommend his practice without any hesitation for any legal help someone needs. He will win for you! I truly believe in him.”

– Lily


“After my accident I was uncertain and intimidated by the at-fault driver’s insurance company. I found Jason through the Premier Law Group website and after meeting him I knew I had found the attorney for me. Jason’s paralegal Danielle was there for me every step of the way, explaining procedures, calming my nerves, and keeping the lines of communication open between Jason and myself. My injuries ended up being much more involved than originally thought so having Jason and Danielle handling the legal side of things with the insurance company allowed me the time I needed to focus on healing. Thank you Jason and Danielle.”

– Karen S.


“My personal injury claim was handled professionally and diligently by Jason Epstein. I had been in a car accident and my insurance provider sent me an intimidating letter about the claims process. Being a mature educated professional, I was shocked that it made me feel inadequate to handle my claim directly with the insurance company. I had injuries that I feared could last a lifetime, and now I was worried that if I didn’t cross all of the T’s and dot the I’s my doctor bills wouldn’t get paid. Who would look after my interest? The doctors? My insurance company? I was getting bad vibes from all of them. The doctors were concerned that they weren’t going to get paid. My insurance company was behaving like an adversary. I was afraid that one simple administrative mistake was going to cost me dearly. It was bad enough that I was inflicted with injuries that could affect me for the rest of my life, now I also had the stress of dealing with uncooperative parties. That’s when I met Jason. Jason was solely concerned about me. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that my best advocate was an attorney. Jason handled all of the administrative work. He helped me focus on my treatment. Jason empathized with me, and told me stories of others that he had worked with that had similar experiences. He predicted each step of my experience before it happened. The healing and setbacks. The emotional roller-coaster. Jason had experienced it all through other clients, and I was the benefactor.”

– F.C.

“With Jason Epstein my client experience was very positive. I remember being tense about meeting my attorney for the first time. I expected a very sterile and impersonal experience. Instead, he asked me how I was doing and what medical attention I had received so far. It felt like a casual conversation with a regular guy. I kept asking him about bills and forms and other stuff that I was worried about. Jason kept telling me ‘Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of that stuff, you just need to focus on getting better.’ Well, I got better. From the moment I met Jason, my stress level dropped and I started healing. I felt in control throughout the process. Managing your health comes naturally. It’s what we’re good at. I just needed someone to take the administrative burden of doctors and insurance off me, and to help me clearly define my role in the process. In the end, everything worked out better than I expected. That wasn’t a huge surprise to me. The pleasant experience during the process is what really surprised me. Thanks Jason!”

– David W.


“I wanted to tell you how proud of you I am… I heard you on the radio with Ken Schram. You are doing an awesome job with your quest! Texting while driving… crazy stuff. Again, I am so proud of you and I am a better person for knowing you!”

– Timera


“I was kept very informed all along the way, and I understand exactly what took place. That is great service! Both the receptionist and Jason were always very nice to speak with, and Jason is very honest and straightforward.”

– Jon M.


“The result of my case was successful and ultimately I felt privileged by the guidance of Premier Law Group and have no hesitation in recommending anyone to them. I am confident this firm of attorneys will get the job done with the highest quality for your legal matter.”

– Shane C.


“I requested a book from Premier Law Group which was The Truth about Washington Auto Accidents. The law firm was extremely helpful and the book helped me understand the steps that I need to take if I am involved in a car accident. I definitely recommend this book to anyone and will use this firm if I am ever involved in a car accident.”

– Samantha, WA


“Thank you Jason for your honesty and for helping me out with everything. It was always a delight to hear from you.”

– Sadie, WA


The Truth About Washington Motorcycle Accidents book is a 5 out of 5. Thank you for sharing this great information with the motorcyclists in this household!”

– Eric & Cory, Puyallup, WA


“I got a hold of Jason Epstein’s book The Truth About Buying Washington Auto Insurance about a year ago. I immediately took his advice and called our insurance company. I was shocked to find how cheap it was to get 1 million in liability and UM/ UIM coverage. In fact I was able to get the same price premium cost because the customer service rep was very helpful and wanted to see me get the coverage I needed. He was able to give us a break because of our good driving record and paying our premium on time. I can’t thank Jason enough for writing this book and sending me a copy. It was the best FREE thing I’ve ever gotten!”

– Bob B., Injured Workers Law Firm