Amazing Story of Survival in a Tragic Car Accident | Seattle Car Accident Attorney

Vehicle accidents are unpredictable in every way. It is not as often we hear about the survival tactics that lead to the survival of a car crash victim. As a Seattle car accident attorney, I am inspired by unbelievable stories of survival and affected deeply when they end in tragedy. ABC News reported about a young girl who survived a deadly car crash that left her trapped inside for almost two days and killed her father. Nine year old Jordan Landon was cut out of a severely damaged vehicle on Sunday night after a single car accident left the vehicle upside down off of a local highway. The girl was airlifted to a local hospital where she is expected to make a full recovery. Her father, Douglas Landon, was not as lucky and died in the accident. Douglas Landon was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. Eating Pop-Tarts and Gatorade in the cold vehicle kept the girl alive until rescue personnel discovered the wreckage. Preliminary reports are indicating speeding as a cause to the crash, although the investigation is still pending.

Even though this accident occurred in North Carolina, speeding and single car accidents happen in the neighborhood of Federal Way, Washington as well. Single car accidents are often caused by losing control of your vehicle and going off road into the median, shoulder, or other environmental elements. When a vehicle goes off of the road, the chances of fatal injuries increases as well. The unpredictable path the vehicle ends up on often leaves the car mangled or even unrecognizably damaged.

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