Apple iPhone ‘Do Not Disturb’ update to fight against distracted driving

As we all know, distracted driving kills and injures thousands of people each year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 8 people are fatally injured each day in crashes involving distracted driving.  In 2015 alone, crashes involving distracted driving killed 3,477 people and injured another 391,000.  Of all fatal crashes in America, at least 10% are due to distracted driving.

 With these statistics rising, Apple has decided to launch a new feature that they hope will cause a drop in these numbers.  There is a new iPhone feature that is set to help drivers avoid texting while driving.  This new feature, will make its debut in the fall of 2017 and is called Do Not Disturb While Driving.  This iPhone feature will be a part of Apple’s iOS 11 and whenever the phone is connected to a car using either Bluetooth or a cable, or if the car is moving, it will block texts messages, notifications, and news updates.

 The feature will know you are in the car by detecting the Bluetooth or cable and/or by using the wifi phone feature. With this feature, the iPhone screen will also lock in order to stop drivers from using some apps while driving.  What will happen if you are the passenger you ask… Don’t worry, much like the popular Wayz app, there will be an option to indicate that you are not driving and disable the feature.  In case of emergencies, this feature can be broken through if you set that portion of the feature up prior to your drive.

 If you do receive messages while driving, your phone can respond with an automatic text message back letting the person texting know that you cannot respond because you are driving. Apple Maps, will be able to be seen when the blocking feature is enabled, however, while driving you will be unable to input destinations.

 WA State laws Against Cell Phone Distracted Driving:

 In July of 2017 a new law that prohibits most drivers from using any handheld devices while driving goes into effect. This includes cell phones, tablets, gaming devices, and laptops.  If you are holding any of these devices while driving you are now in for a primary offense.  In the past, officers could pull you over for actively texting or talking with the phone held to your ear, but now just holding your phone while driving, waiting in traffic, or even sitting at a stoplight is a primary offense that you can be cited for.

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