Are Your Legal Fees Negotiable?

Our fee structure is generally not negotiable. We typically take one third of your settlement, or if your case goes to trial, 40%. What we do not do is nickel and dime you for every copy, stamp and envelope we use, so at the end of your case, you won’t be surprised with lots of small, trivial fees.

While our fee may sound high, consider this: Research by the insurance industry has found that, on average, accident victims who hire lawyers make 3.5 times more on their case than those without lawyers. An experienced personal injury lawyer has the patience and knowledge to negotiate with the insurance company, and maximize the amount they get for their client.

Sometimes, however, there are cases where we simply can’t provide more value than the victim could working on their own to file a claim. Typically these are cases where the amount being claimed is low and injuries are minor or virtually nonexistent. In cases like these, we’re honest about the situation. If we can’t get more money for an accident victim than they could on their own, we encourage them to keep the whole settlement for themselves.

This one thing could endanger your entire settlement claim

Regardless of whether your case warrants the help of a Seattle injury attorney or not, here’s something you should keep in mind: The insurance company is not your friend. They are a business and they care about one thing — their bottom line. Be careful dealing with them. Don’t talk to the insurance adjuster or sign anything they send you without first speaking with an attorney. What you say in the stress and chaos following an accident can be twisted and used against you by the insurance company so they can justify not paying you for your injuries, losses and time away from work.

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