Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

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I have seen many accident victims suffering from shoulder injuries. Auto accidents tend to have the greatest impact on the upper body, making the shoulder one of the most vulnerable areas. The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the human body. I have seen how that makes it prone to injuries such as dislocations and tears.

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Shoulder injuries are relatively common in daily activities, and can be caused simply from repetitive motion, or from a powerful direct force. In the case of a serious Washington car accident, the shoulder may be injured if the vehicle occupant tries to brace before the impact, or the collision is so severe that the shoulder is thrust into a part of the car. The joint is composed of three bones. The humorous, the shoulder blade, and the collarbone connect to create full range of motion that enables us to use our arms for various activities. One common shoulder injury is an AC separation, which is oftentimes the result of a side impact. When the arm is outstretched, however, the injury can be much worse. This may result in a fractured humorous which could require surgery or even an artificial joint replacement.

There are a few initial symptoms that will show the shoulder has been injured almost immediately. A victim may experience stiffness in the joint, deformity in the shoulder region, lack of mobility and lack of strength to lift the arm, and possibly pain at any attempt of doing so. It is also common to feel the shoulder pop or slide out of position following an accident if it is injured. If this is the case, it is crucial to consult a medical physician to determine the extent of the damage. Treatment for this type of injury is usually determined after X-rays have been taken. Mild cases will usually only require a sling to immobilize the shoulder while it heals. For more extreme cases, surgery may be required in order to get the shoulder back into place and allow it to heal.

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