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A couple of weeks ago, we reported the story of a bicyclist who was killed on East Marginal Way South when he was involved in a collision with a semi-truck. That accident caught the attention of Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn. Now, he has proposed to commit $3.25 million to improving conditions for cyclists in the city, especially where the cyclist, 54-year-old Lance David, was killed on May 1. The improvements will take place if the City Council approves plans. The mayor insists that the changes will be beneficial not only to cyclists, but to drivers and pedestrians as well.

The $3.25 budget would be split amongst five different projects. $900,000 would be spent improving the area where Lance David died, according to the mayor’s office. $700,000 would go towards pavement maintenance, restriping and the exploration of an interim cycle track, which would further separate bicycles and automobiles. The remaining $200,000 would be spent on conceptual planning and pre-design for permanent road reconstruction of East Marginal Way. The remaining funds would go to Lower Spokane Street safety improvements, the Westlake Avenue Cycle Track, the Pedestrian Master Plan, and transit-oriented design in multiple neighborhoods.

How do you feel about bicycle safety in the greater Seattle area? Do you think that this $3.25 million plan is enough, or does the city need to spend more to keep our cyclists safe?

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