Bullying a Problem for Adults, Too | Seattle Employment Attorney


Bullying is usually something that we associate with kids. We hear the horror stories of children being picked on and it surely makes our blood boil. But it turns out that kids on playgrounds aren’t the only ones being bullied. In fact, bullying could be taking place in your workplace. Maybe you’re even the one being bullied. The spotlight is now being shone on on-the-job bullying, and it has proven to be a tricky thing to navigate. While some believe it is a very real problem with very real repercussions, others say that it is simply people overreacting.

Some states don’t see it as overreacting at all. In fact, over twelve of them have recently been working on anti-bullying laws to combat “abusive work environments.” Some are saying that once these types of laws start passing, they won’t stop coming. Outside of the US, countries such as England and Ireland have already implemented laws that deal with workplace harassment.

It’s been found that 56% of companies have an anti-bullying policy of some sort that lies in their handbook. Bullying allegations are dealt with in different ways, depending upon circumstances of course, but many companies will suspend, terminate, or reassign employees who are found to be guilty of bullying.

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